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The best Genshin Impact Neuvillette build, Artifacts, and F2P options

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The best Genshin Impact Neuvillette build looks a bit different from what you might be used to with your other DPS characters. Neuvillette power washes your foes and scrubs them into oblivion, but he doesn't actually need a good attack stat to do it. Like Nilou and other support characters, Neuvillette scales with HP, and he can deal a significant amount of damage if you push that stat up high enough. There are a few drawbacks to his setup, though.

This guide breaks down the best Genshin Impact Neuvillette build, including his top weapons and what Artifact stats you should focus on.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette

Genshin Impact best Neuvillette build

All of Neuvillette’s skills except his normal attack and stage one charged attack scale with his HP, so that’s his most important stat. Hydro damage or general attack are also important, but you’ll need to give some thought to energy recharge as well. Neuvillette’s powerful elemental burst costs 70 energy, but he’s not very good at generating energy particles on his own.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette – Best weapon

Neuvillette’s best weapon is his signature, the Tome of Eternal Flow introduced in version 4.1. It has a hefty critical damage modifier as its secondary stat, which might seem odd for Neuvillette, but there’s a good reason for that. Neuvillette doesn’t scale with attack – only HP – so the extra critical damage is a nice bonus.

The passive skill suits him perfectly, too. It raises the user’s HP, and when the user’s HP increases or decreases, both of which happen a lot with Neuvillette, their charged damage increases.

The next best choice is Ballad of the Boundless Blue, a 4-star catalyst available during one of the 4.1 events. Energy recharge is its secondary stat, something Neuvillette needs very much, and it buffs the user’s normal and charged attack by a set percentage when a normal or charged attack hits. That effect stacks three times, so you’re getting at least an 18 percent charged attack boost even at refinement level one.

The battle pass weapon Sacrificial Jade works nicely with Neuvillette as well. When the equipping character is off field for five seconds or longer, they get a 32 percent HP buff and an elemental mastery increase of 40. The effect wears off 10 seconds after they take the field, but it gives you a short window of time during which you can use Neuvillette’s skill, burst, and at least one charged attack before swapping him out and doing it again.

If you're having trouble keeping Neuvillette's energy up, you may want to try the Favonious Codex. It raises energy recharge and generates particles when the wielder lands a critical hit, so it fits well with Neuvillette’s ideal Artifact set, too.

Finally is Prototype Amber. We'd normally save this for our F2P build section, but it works so well for Neuvillette that it's worth mentioning here, too. HP is Prototype Amber's secondary stat, and its passive skill regenerates energy after the wielder uses their burst and restores HP as well. The energy regen buff is perfect for Neuvillette, considering he needs his burst to generate the droplets that power his charged attack.

Genshin Impact Neuvillette – Best Artifacts

Marechaussee Hunter was practically (and probably) made for Neuvillette, as it meshes perfectly with his unique needs, especially if you use Tome of Eternal Flow.

  • 2-piece effect: Increases charged attack damage by 15 percent
  • 4-piece effect: Raises the user’s critical hit rate by 12 percent for five seconds and stacks three times

Most of Neuvillette’s moment-to-moment damage will come from charged attacks, and it’ll sap his HP and restore it as well, meaning you get excellent use of the full set. It’s worth using even without Eternal Flow. Extra damage is always welcome.

Nymph’s Dream also works well for Neuvillette.

  • 2-piece effect: Raises Hydro damage by 15 percent
  • 4-piece effect: All attacks, skill, and burst damage generates one Mirrored Nymph stack.You can have up to three stacks, and they each raise the user’s Hydro damage and attack

You could mix the 2-piece Nymph’s Dream effect with two pieces of Heart of Depth to get a 30 percent Hydro damage or two pieces of Tenacity of the Millelith and Vourukasha’s Glow for a 40 percentHP buff.

If you’re still in the early game, Martial Artist is a useful set for Neuvillette.

  • 2-piece effect: Raises normal and charged attack damage by 15 percent
  • 4-piece effect: After the character uses an elemental skill, normal and charged attacks deal 25 percent more damage for eight seconds

Neuvillette Artifact stats

Neuvillette’s most important stats are:

  • HP
  • Hydro damage
  • Critical hit rate
  • Critical hit damage

Only Neuvillette’s normal and level-one charged attacks scale with his attack stat, so unlike most characters, you won’t get a lot of use from buffing his attack. If you use Eternal Flow, make sure not to stack his critical rate higher than 70 percent. The returns fall off after that point, and you’d be better off sticking to critical damage.

Genshin Impact best Neuvillette F2P build

Catalyst users always have a rough go of it in F2P builds, since the current selection of free catalysts is a bit lacking compared to other craftable weapons. However, Neuvillette strikes lucky here, thanks to a Fontaine catalyst you can craft with a Midlander Billet

Neuvillette F2P weapon

Flowing Purity is Neuvillette’s best free weapon, and it plays well into his need for more HP. Flowing Purity has attack as its secondary stat, which is actually not that useful for Neuvillette, but the passive skill has quite a bit going on. Elemental damage increases by at least eight percent when the equipping character uses their skill or burst, and they generate a Bond of Life.

This bond raises HP by 24 percent – which creates a good window of opportunity to launch Neuvillette’s more powerful attacks – and when it vanishes after 15 seconds, it provides a two percent elemental damage bonus for every additional 1,000 HP generated from the Bond of Life.

Neuvillette’s going to need a lot of HP to get the most from this effect, but if you get lucky with your Artifact stats, this effect is definitely worth the trouble.

The 3-star fallback Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers works okay for Neuvillette thanks to its HP secondary stat, but the attack buff from its passive doesn't do much for him. Magic Guide works well. It gives Neuvillette some extra elemental mastery - useful if you're using him with someone like Fischl or Diona - and it increases damage dealt to enemies afflicted with Hdyro, which is every enemy Neuvillette faces.

Is Neuvillette good in Genshin Impact?

HoYoverse designed Neuvillete as a charge damage machine with a touch of Honkai Star Rail’s Blade in his setup, and he’s exceptional in that role. Neuvillette can take on tough single-target foes and large crowds with his powered-up charge attack, and as long as they don’t have Hydro resistance, they’ll walk away with a pretty big dent in their proverbial armor – and then probably won’t walk away again after Neuvillete uses his charge attack one more time.

Neuvillette’s normal attacks and basic charged attack scale pretty well with his attack, up there with Wanderer and Yae Miko. His level-two charged attack is the cornerstone of his setup, though. He charges for a few seconds and unleashes a torrent of water that deals damage based on his HP. It also saps his HP down to 50 percent, so bear that in mind if he’s in danger of getting overwhelmed.

His skill deals one instance of Hydro damage and creates a thorn that deals additional Hydro damage at intervals, both of which scale on his HP. Neuvillette’s burst deals three instances of Hydro damage – an initial “skill damage” with a high damage modifier and two additional waterfalls that scale a bit less.

The only drawback in Neuvillette’s setup is how reliant he is on his skill and burst to use his level-two charged attack frequently. Both abilities create sourcewater droplets, which Neuvillette uses to heal himself and to shorten the time it takes to charge his attack. Since his cooldown times are slow, and he has an energy problem, you’ll need to plan your attack pattern more carefully and have an energy battery on hand. Otherwise, his full charged attack takes too long to really be useful.

Should I pull for Neuvillette?

Genshin has no shortage of Hydro characters, but not that many proper DPS Hydro characters. If you missed out on Ayato and Childe, then trying your luck with Neuvillette isn’t a bad idea. He’s pretty newcomer-friendly, since you can reach Fontaine to gather materials without facing an Adventure Rank obstacle, and building a team around him is fairly straightforward.

If you have Ayato, Childe, or both and just want to build a meta team, you can probably pass on Neuvillette for now.

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