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Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch locations and use

Branching out

Finding the Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch locations takes you across Fontaine’s new Erinnyes region. There’s a handful of clear markers pointing out the general areas where you can find Foggy Forest Branch, but they don’t tell you the full story. Once you find all six, you can trade them in for some extra rewards, including Fontaine talent books.

You can find the branches in any order. We’ve just listed them in the order we grabbed them.

Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch

What is Foggy Forest Branch for in Genshin Impact?

Foggy Forest Branch is a quest item you can give Pahsiv for some rewards, but only if you’ve completed the Wild Fairy of Erinnyes quest. That unlocks at Marcotte Station, and you can start it at any time – even if you haven’t begun the Fontaine Archon quest yet.

Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch location 1

Start from the Loch teleport waypoint, and travel southwest toward the Lakelight Lily location. You’ll see a wheel of Hydro lanterns and an unactivated Hydrograna. Activate the Hydro crystal so the lanterns rotate, and stop it once two are in the water. They glow, so you’ll know they’re activated.

Grab the Hydrograna and stand in the shallow water until it fully activates and generates a halo around you. A chest will appear. Open it to grab the branch.

Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch location 2

Fast travel to the waypoint south of the weeping willow, and approach the small pound to the southeast. Open the clam, grab the Ousia Block, and use it to activate the Pneuma pillar and get the Foggy Forest Branch chest.

Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch location 3

Before leaving this side of Erinnyes, travel to the waypoint west of the Loch. Climb the rocks, activate the challenge, and glide down, collecting the 10 Hydro particles as you go. The last three are at the bottom of the pond. You know the drill by now. After the challenge ends, the chest with your Foggy Forest Branch appears.

Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch location 4

This one is a bit more involved. Travel to the location shown, and defeat the Treasure Hoarders you find. You’ll get one key this way. Climb to the top of the broken ship’s mast, and investigate the bird nest to find the second key.

Face the locked grate, and turn right. Investigate the rubble in the smaller shipwreck to find the last key. Open the locked door, grab the Hydroculus, and open the chest for the next Foggy Forest Branch.

Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch location 5

Travel north along the eastern coast for the next one. You’ll run into more Treasure Hoarders and then a small pool with a glowing circle of water around it. Turn right to find an energy orb and ball octopus. Activate the orb, and move behind the ball so you’re facing it and the pool of water. Hold the skill button until the ball shakes, and then press the attack button. The ball should fly into the pool, breaking the rock under the surface.

This might take a few tries, since the aiming isn’t exactly a fine science.

Dive into the pool, enter the portal, and swim up into the shipwreck to find the next chest.

Genshin Impact Foggy Forest Branch location 6

The final branch is in a pool to the northwest of the previous one. You need to use another octopus ball to clear the sludge so you can dive, but the timing is even trickier. Try lining up your shot so the ball lands between the two sludge creatures.

Once it explodes, dive into the pool, enter the portal, and grab the chest.

Take your finds to the cave at the loch, and give them to Pahsiv.

Keep hold of those Primogems and materials for future Genshin Impact banners, and make sure to check out our up-do-date list of Genshin Impact codes for some free Primogems as well.

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