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Genshin Impact 4.6 banners feature Arlecchino and Lyney

One big, miserable, traumatized family

The Genshin Impact 4.6 banners are almost here, adding the long-awaited Fatui Harbinger Arlecchino to the open-world RPG’s roster of characters and bringing two fan-favorites back once more. Version 4.6 only has one new character, but she comes with a new mechanic that’s probably going to shape the game’s combat in the months ahead.

Our Genshin Impact 4.6 banners breakdown lists everyone coming to the new version and when you can expect them.

Genshin Impact 4.6 banners – Phase One

The first round of Genshin 4.6 banners goes live on April 24, 2024, and it features Arlecchino and, in a very appropriate move, Lyney. This marks Lyney’s first rerun since the 5-star Pyro archer debuted in August 2023. HoYoverse hasn’t announced which 4-star characters will run alongside them, but considering the theme going on, we’d be surprised if Lynette and Freminet didn’t show up.

Arlecchino debut

Arlecchino is the first character to use the Bond of Life mechanic, which is a little different from the effect of the same name you get from Flowing Purity and Finale of the Deep. Arlecchino’s Bond of Life prevents her from receiving healing, but once it reaches a certain percentage of her HP, it activates a new stance that buffs her normal attack power and infuses it with Pyro.

Genshin Impact's Arleccino, standing alone on a stage under a solitary spotlight

Her burst is the only way she can receive healing, so plan on pairing an energy battery – Bennett, especially – with her.

Lyney rerun

Lyney’s kit centers on charged attacks. They reduce his HP and create a cat in a hat that deals extra Pyro damage at intervals, and then when Lyney gains enough Prop Stacks from firing charged attacks, he can clear them with his skill to inflict even more damage and restore his HP.

He also comes with a passive talent that increases how much damage he deals to enemies afflicted with Pyro, and that value increases when you have more Pyro party members with him – yet another incentive to get Bennett on the team.

Genshin Impact 4.6 banners – Phase Two

Genshin 4.6’s second round of banners begins on May 15, 2024. While we don’t know which 4-star characters might make an appearance, we do know who the two 5-stars are.

Wanderer rerun

Wanderer, the fighter formerly known as Scaramouche, is back for yet another banner, so if your party needs an Anemo DPS or you just like walking on air, he’s the one for you. Wanderer deals heavy damage with his normal and charged attacks, though he relies pretty heavily on support characters to buff his skills and keep him safe from enemy attacks.

Genshin Impact Wanderer build: An anime young man with black hair and violet eyes stares ahead with a look of determination

He can also rise into the air and hover, which makes him excellent for exploration.

Baizhu rerun

Baizhu is back again as well. His skills generate shields and healing, which makes him one of Genshin’s best support characters.

Genshin Impact Baizhu build: An anime man with long green hair pulled back in a braid, and a large white snake around his shoulders, is holding a ball of glowing green energy in his right hand

Sure, he can’t apply Dendro as effectively as Nahida, and his shields aren’t as strong as Zhongli’s. His heals keep the party safe in almost every situation, though, and he can apply Dendro while he’s off-field. That’s a pretty good combo.

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