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Dying Light 2 paraglider upgrade and where to find Military Tech

Flying high

How to upgrade the paraglider in Dying Light 2 takes a bit of work and some detours to dangerous places, but it’s more than worth the effort.

You’ll need to scavenge some of the game’s rarer items from hard-to-reach places, but the end result is a paraglider that opens huge swathes of the city to exploration with expanded flight abilities and greater control.

How do you upgrade the paraglider in Dying Light 2?

You can upgrade the paraglider at any settlement’s craftmaster location, whether you’ve sided with their enemy or not. Unlike most upgrades, which call for Infected Trophies, the paraglider upgrade requires Military Tech and a generous helping of old world cash. Military tech only comes from one kind of rare drop, and the game isn’t too keen on telling you about them.

Where to find Military Tech in Dying Light 2

You’ll only find Military Tech from Air Drops. These are usually at the highest point in a region, marked by a large beige parachute draped over the side of the rooftop the drop is on. The best way to find Air Drop locations is climbing somewhere high and using your binoculars.

Windmills are a good choice for this scouting, but a bit tricky to handle at times. Most settlements have towers or other buildings that are easier to climb, so give that a try if you’re struggling.

Once you spot an Air Drop with your binoculars, it’ll be marked on your map and stay there even after you retrieve the goods. Aside from Military Tech, Air Drops also have rare and epic consumables, including Military Medkits, so make sure to grab everything in sight.

The challenge is actually getting to the drop locations. Many of the Air Drops in the Center Loop require high stamina upgrades, but you can scavenge enough Military Tech from Old Villedor to upgrade the paraglider at least once. Make sure you’ve unlocked fast travel after arriving in the Center Loop, and head back there to get started.

If you're short on cash, you probably have plenty of valuables you can sell to make up the difference.

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