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Disney Dreamlight Valley Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust - How to unlock Vanellope

Vanellope is racing into Dreamlight Valley.

Image credit: GameLoft

Vanellope von Schweetz has raced over from Wreck-It Ralph and into Disney Dreamlight Valley in the DreamSnaps update for the life-simulation game. That said, she needs a little bit of help from your character before she can move in and become our neighbour.

Vanellope’s quest - Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust - actually acts as a brief tutorial in using the new DreamSnaps feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley. So, let's crack on with it. Here’s how to unlock Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you first need to complete The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley quest assigned by Scrooge McDuck.

The player speaks with Scrooge McDuck in his store in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Scrooge thinks he may have seen a ghost. | Image credit: VG247 | GameLoft

He’ll have witnessed some spooky goings-on in the Dream Castle, and wants someone else to investigate.

So, take yourself off to the Dream Castle and head on inside. Go upstairs to the very top of the castle, where you’ll find Vanellope!

The player speaks with Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Investigate the Dream Castle and head upstairs to find Vanellope. | Image credit: VG247 | GameLoft

Except, something unusual is happening to Vannellope; she is glitching all over the show, and doesn’t know how to stop it. So, it’s up to us to play the hero and help her out! To help her, she’ll ask that you take some photos of anything interesting in the Valley.

At this point, you’ll unlock the DreamSnaps challenge. This is a new, multiplayer feature for Disney Dreamlight Valley that will see players competing in photography challenges for rewards, including Moonstones!

The 'current challenge' screen for DreamSnaps in Disney Dreamlight Valley
DreamSnaps is Dreamlight Valley’s new multiplayer feature and competition. | Image credit: VG247 | GameLoft

This will complete The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley quest. Now, it’s time to take part in DreamSnaps and complete Vanellope’s quest to unlock her, Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust - How to unlock Vanellope

To unlock Vanellope, you need to complete her photo-related quest - Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust - and that means participating in DreamSnaps.

Go to your menu, open up the Events tab, and select ‘Current Challenge’ on DreamSnaps. Here, you can view the current challenge and its requirements. You’ll want to snap a photo in Dreamlight Valley with the requirements met, and then submit it!

For example, the challenge at the time of writing has the following requirements:

  • 5x Playful Furniture
  • 5x Familiar Furniture

Suggestions for the challenge also include ‘Modern’, and ‘Wreck It Ralph.’ You also cannot use Touch of Magic furniture in these photos.

You'll now want to arrange a set, either inside your home or somewhere in the valley, with furniture that meets the requirements. Take your photo using the Camera function, and then use the 'Check DreamSnaps' button to check that your photo meets the requirements. If it does, submit it!

The player character in Disney Dreamlight Valley takes a photo for DreamSnaps
Place some furniture (and in some instances, clothing) and take your DreamSnap! | Image credit: VG247 | GameLoft

Once you successfully submit a DreamSnap, return to Vanellope in the Dream Castle and talk to her. Once that’s done, you’ll finally get access to Vanellope’s house which needs placing somewhere in the valley using the Furniture menu!

Building Vannellope’s home will cost you 4,000 Star Coins. Once that’s dealt with, Vannellope will move in. It’s as easy as that to acquire this new neighbour!

For more on Disney Dreamlight Valley, be sure to check out or Dreamlight Valley codes. Aside from that, take a look at how to make money quickly so you have enough in the bank for Vanellope’s house, and how to level up friendship fast!

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