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Disney Dreamlight Valley not loading? Here’s what you can do while waiting on a fix

There’s also in-game compensation on the way, too.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is still only in Early Access, and looks to be there for a while yet, but still has a growing base of players flocking to the simulation title. Across the valley, players are tasked with forming friendships, cooking recipe after recipe, and more.

The best thing about Dreamlight Valley is that much of this feels relaxing, and without the huge grind that many other simulation titles offer. No wonder players, even non-Disney fans like myself, can’t seem to keep away from the game. That said, one issue is actually keeping players from logging on.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has had a rather persistent ‘not loading’ issue as of late, in which the loading screen becomes stuck and players can’t play the game. There’s some troubleshooting that can be done for this while GameLoft works on a fix, so without further ado, here’s how to try and fix the not loading error in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Not Loading

If you’re experiencing the Disney Dreamlight Valley not loading error, there are a few things you can do in an attempt to jump back into the game.

First things first, you can try restarting the game. Some players have reported that this is all it took to fix their loading issues, but others have noted that this isn’t a foolproof fix.

If you’re playing on PC via Steam, you can also go ahead and verify the games files before reopening it too, to see if there are any issues.

Last, but not least, you can also restart your computer to ensure any background processes aren’t necessarily interfering with your game.

Failing all that, your only option is to wait. Disney Dreamlight Valley has said via Twitter that the not loading error is their main priority, and a fix is on the way. We’re due a status update any time today (at the time of writing), and hopefully the fix itself will be issued soon, too.

While waiting for a fix isn’t ideal, there is one thing to look forward to, and that’s in-game compensation.

In the meantime, the October 31 Update for Disney Dreamlight Valley also happened, addressing various bugs and adding new accessibility options.

Disney Dreamlight Valley October 31 Update

While the loading error is still awaiting a fix, Disney Dreamlight Valley still dished out a monthly update on October 31. This update is full of bug fixes and further optimisation.

For example, that uncomfortable visual effect that would appear on-screen when your character is exhausted has now been removed. A seizure warning has been added upon booting up the game, and various accessibility options have been introduced to the game. Players can now adjust screen shake when completing various tasks, and can even turn off lightning if needs be.

Just recently, The Lion King’s Scar was added to the game too with a quest line of how own across the Sunlit Plateau. These quests weren’t as clear as could be, but this update has addressed the quest for root beer.

For a full run-down of Dreamlight Valley’s October 31 Update, check out the patch notes.

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