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Final Fantasy 14 Zodiac weapon quest changes won’t be included in patch 2.25

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn patch 2.25 goes live tomorrow, but it will be missing the planned expansion to the Zodiac weapon quests, according to producer Naoki Yoshida.

  • Fortnite's procedurally generated world, maps, building forts, more outlined

    Fortnite’s procedurally generated world has been outlined over on GameInformer, as part of the site’s month-long coverage of the Epic Games sandbox title. Heading through the link, you can have a look at the Town Map, learn about harvesting materials, exploration, zones, the Home Base meta progression and building the fort of your dreams. It’s […]

  • Oculus Rift buyout by Facebook approved by FTC

    Facebook has been cleared to purchase Oculus Rift for $2 billion by the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission. According to Reuters, the approval was noted on a list of other proposed transactions the commission puts out several times a week. The $2 billion deal includes $400 million in cash plus 23.1 million […]

  • WoW: Warlords of Draenor dev team discuss classes, PvP, maps - video

    Blizzard has detailed some of the technical changes coming with World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor in the latest WoW Source video.

  • Elder Scrolls Online - 85% of customer tickets attributed to bots and spammers

    Elder Scrolls Online lead developer Matt Firor has issues a state-of-the-game post on the MMO’s forum, noting how ZeniMax Online is addressing bots swarming dungeon bosses.

  • SWTOR's early subscriber access to Galactic Strongholds delayed

    Star Wars: The Old Republic’s early access to the Galactic Strongholds expansion has been delayed, according to a letter from senior producer Bruce Maclean on the official website. According to Maclean, subscriber early access has been moved from June 24 to August 19 so the development team at Bioware can add more features such as […]

  • Ascendant teaser video shows that fire is bad

    Ascendant’s latest teaser trailer has been released by developer Hapa Games. The side scrolling beat ‘em up for PC will feature rather hard bosses who will, apparently, cause your demise quite often. Watch below. The game launches on May 6 for Linux, Mac and PC. It is currently up on Steam Greenlight.

  • Goat Simulator update 1.1 will contain parkour

    Goat Simulator update 1.1 is planned for mid-May, and as you know already, the free update will contains 2-4 player splitscreen multiplayer and a new map. Well, today it was announced by Coffee Stain Studios the update will also contain parkour. See for yourself below.

  • Watch Dogs: a cutting edge world that feels both new and familiar

    Stace Harman plugs himself into Watch Dogs’ fictional universe and finds a degree of familiarity that could enhance immersion but may ultimately lessen its impact.

  • Watch Dogs screens show spider tank, poker cheating & bike jumping

    Watch Dogs has received a new batch of screens out of Ubisoft Montreal, showing off a giant spider tank tearing through Chicago’s streets, Aidan cheating at a game of poker and catching some big air on his bike.

  • Project CARS will be released in November, new trailer released

    Project CARS will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4, Steam OS, Wii U and Xbox One starting in November, Slightly Mad Studios has announced. The racing game will also contain support for Oculus Rift and 4K resolution. The developer has also released a nice new trailer full of lovely cars.

  • World of Warcraft player earns all 2,057 of the game's achievements

    World of Warcraft contains many achievements – 2,057 to be exact – and one player from Russia has unlocked all of them. Хируко has also earned 205 of the 300 Feats of Strength, he has also leveled up every single class to max level first on his server. To do this, he transferred to a […]

  • Hazard Ops video says "kickin' ass isn't pretty" but it's pretty fun

    Hazard Ops has a new video available, which shows how “ass kickin’ isn’t pretty,” but it’s apparently “pretty damn fun.” The closed beta will go live next month, and Infernum says to keep an eye on the official website. While you are there, sign up for the tester, and you may be one of the […]

  • WildStar video details how to build Warplot fortress machines

    WildStar developers Carbine Studios has released another video detailing its PvP mode, Warplots. The video provides a closer look at the most “hardcore game mode yet,” and how players can create fortress machines plugs, traps, summoned monsters, and more. The previous Warplot video can be found through here.WildStar launches June 3 and you can check […]


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