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YuGiOh Master Duel launches on mobile today following successful PC and console release

Following a huge launch on PC and consoles, the popular card game is finally landing on iOS and Android worldwide.

Following a massively popular release on consoles and PC last month, YuGiOh Master Duel is finally releasing on both iOS and Android devices worldwide. Players who pick up the free-to-play trading card game will be able to battle the pre-existing player base thanks to crossplay across all supported platforms.

Not only that, but those out there who have been bogged down with having to sit at home and play YuGiOh will also be able to benefit from cross progression, transferring their decks and card collection over to their phone so they can duel on the go.

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With this update, YuGiOh Master Duel will be supported across eighty countries and nine unique languages. The game is proving to be somewhat of a revival for the famous card game - boasting a peak of roughly 148,000 players today on Steam alone making it the fifth most popular game on the platform.

This is a great opportunity for both new players creating their first ever deck, and existing duelists hoping to build a new meta deck they can travel around with. Mobile users who own a PS + subscription but haven’t hopped on board yet can still make use of the free 50 packs promotion, then transfer their newfound spoils to their phone version if they want to hit the ground running.

For those looking into the game with its mobile release, check out our guides on how card crafting works and CP works, as well as secret packs and what they do. For those already deep in the YuGiOh ditches, be sure to keep track of banned and limited cards so you know the status of the game’s most busted cards.

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