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Wuthering Waves is giving out some brilliant launch rewards to day one players

As if you needed more of a reason to jump in from day one.

The two variations of The Rover in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAME

Wuthering Waves is nearly here, launching worldwide on May 22. To celebrate, Kuro Game Studio is offering a nice spread of rewards and unlockables for those willing to download the game and play it on launch.

We'll go through them all in detail below, but in short it seems especially easy to secure at least two five star characters quickly, as well as various loot and valuable items to use as you play. These sorts of launch prizes aren't necessarily unique (many of you might remember the amount of free stuff Genshin Impact threw at players when it launched all those years ago), but Wuthering Waves and its devs are certainly pushing to get folks invested straight away.

So, when you start the game you'll be presented with a beginner's banner that you can roll through at a 20% discount until its depleted. This should reward you with a Wuthering Waves character once you do so, which means you'll be getting a lush new squadmate to mess around with fairly quickly! After it's gone don't worry, because you'll be able to set a character focus on the regular banner. This means that, after a select number of rolls, you'll get the character you want gaurenteed.

That's the basic roll-related launch rewards. The game also releases with a five-day login event that will grant all players who manage to boot the game on five seperate days a free Resonator Sanhua - another free four star character. In a similar vein, players who venture further into the game and complete Rumbling Hollow challenges will unlock another four star: Yuanwu. As you play, you'll be able to upgrade your union level. Doing this enough will give you a free five star weapon. If you're starting to see a pattern here you're not alone - it seems very easy to get several characters - some of which are valuable five stars - without putting much time in at launch.

Then you've got the various items and consumables. Upgrading your union level also provides Lustrious Tide (which you spend on the character and weapon banners). Players will also get 10 Lustrious and Radiant Tides each just for kicks, as a way to celebrate the launch special broadcast livestream. They'll just hit your mailbox a day or two after launch. And on top of all of this stuff, those who pre-registered for Wuthering Waves will get a bunch of exclusive rewards including banner rolls, in-game currency, and a weapon of choice.

It's a bananas offering when you take it all into account. If it's piqued your interest, you can still pre-register right now if you want to maximise your day-one fun. Let us know if you're keen on checking out the game when it launches later this week down below!

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