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Persona 5 Royal Akechi Confidant guide and choices

Justice is served

He may join late, but spending time raising the Persona 5 Royal Akechi Confidant is vital if you want to reach the true ending. Akechi’s Confidant has some new components in Royal, so if you played the original, don’t expect the same strategies to work – namely, you actually have to engage in the relationship, since the Justice Confidant won’t level up on its own.

Akechi’s Confidant must reach rank eight by November 17 if you want the true ending. There’s a period until November when you’re stuck at rank six, so once the penultimate month of the year rolls around, don’t drag your feet. Make sure to give Akechi his favorite gifts to shorten the time between ranking up as well.

As with all Confidants in Persona 5 Royal, you can, and should, boost your relationship with Akechi faster if you include a Persona of the matching Arcana during rank up events – which is Justice for Akechi. This guide uses point values for answers with a matching Persona in your roster, so adjust the point value down by 1 if you don’t have one on hand. Given how important it is to max out Akechi’s Confidant and how easy it is to find a Justice Persona, we recommend making room in your roster for one during every Confidant event.

You run into Justice Personas as early as Kamoshida’s palace. Angel and Archangel are two of the earliest you can recruit or fuse, followed by Principality. There’s a 13-level gap between Principality and the next one, Power, so you may want to just fuse Angel (Succubus and Obariyon or Onmoraki and Arsene) before hading out with Akechi. That way, you don’t enter combat at a disadvantage with a weak Principality.

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Akechi Confidant unlocks

Rank 2: Sleuthing Instinct

  • May reveal an enemy weakness at the start of battle

Rank 4: Sleuthing Mastery

  • May reveal all of one enemy’s weaknesses at the start of battle

Rank 7: Harisen Recovery

  • Akechi may instantly recover from a status ailment

Rank 10: Protect and Endure

  • Akechi may protect Joker from a fatal attack
  • Akechi may survive an attack with 1 HP left

Persona 5 Royal Akechi Confidant choices and availability

Persona 5 Royal Akechi Confidant: An anime young man wearing a white suit and red mask stands against a red background

Akechi’s Confidant unlocks automatically in early June as the story progresses, so you won’t have to hunt him down to begin. You will, however, want to spend some time beforehand working on Joker’s charm and knowledge. You need to hit rank three in both early in your relationship with Akechi, unlike Ryuji's Confidant and Ann's Confidant, both of which have more lenient requirements.

Rank six is locked until September and then rank seven remains unattainable until November.

After the first Confidant rank, you can find Akechi in Kichijoji every night of the week except Sunday.

Akechi Confidant rank 1

  • No choice matters

Akechi Confidant rank 2 choices

I found myself with some free time, so I was hoping to find someone to play against.

  • You always seem so busy (+2)

Not bad. Everything's riding on your next shot, though. How will you handle this?

  • Both give +2

I'm rather dextrous with my right hand. I can even use chopsticks with it. Frankly, I didn't expect you to see through it

  • I see a lot of things

I think you'd be an interesting influence on me. If you're so inclined, we could go out again sometime.

  • As rivals? (+2)

Akechi Confidant rank 3 choices

You can only initiate this next rank once Joker raises his charm and knowledge to level three.

Uh-oh. Looks like I've been spotted

  • Should’ve figured

No other choice matters until the end

I saw firsthand what happens when I'm too careless with my words around you.

  • Wasn’t it fun?

Akechi Confidant rank 4 choices

It's just a jazz club. You get to hear some great performers here

  • Now this is my kind of club

Well then, why don't we get some drinks?

  • Any recommendations?

Whew... How relaxing. I really do like coming here

  • It’s a great place

That reminds me, do you cook?

  • Pretty frequently
  • I can use a microwave

There's something about that strange, erratic synchronicity… It's a euphoria like when I manage to solve a case

  • I kinda get it

Akechi Confidant rank 5 choices

Phew! My fingers are going to be sore tomorrow. What a realistic game.

  • Are you used to gunplay? (+2)

All this reminded me of running around the house with it, playing hero…

  • You wanted to be a hero?

Hopefully I didn't come off as too much of a novice. I wish I'd played better

  • All give +2

Akechi Confidant rank 6 choices and unlock

Persona 5 Royal Akechi Confidant: An anime young man wearing an argyle sweater stands in front of a lit window

Rank 6 unlocks after September 2. Akechi will hang out in Cafe Leblanc until you initiate the Confidant event.

Ahh, this feels wonderful... It's been a while.

  • A while, huh?

My mother worked at a nightclub. Whenever she had to bring a man home, she'd send me off to the local bathhouse

  • You’ve been through a lot (+2)

Actually, are you all right? I know the hot water can make people dizzy…

  • This is nothing
  • I’ll stay until you’re ready

Oof... I think I feel a little lightheaded.

  • Same

I've never told anyone else about my family situation, either. I wonder why I told you? Curious indeed

  • Both give +2

We're both victims of the adults who unfairly impacted our lives

  • I think you’re right

If they saw how I was acting today, perhaps they'd say I wasn't acting like the Detective Prince

  • My bad, I guess (+2)

Akechi Confidant rank 7 choices and unlock

Rank 7 only becomes available after November 2 and you must have level four knowledge. Pursue it as soon as you can, since you only have two more weeks before you need to reach rank eight.

You can't simply strike the ball you're aiming for. You have to be indirect, but precise, to land it in the pocket…

  • That’s why it’s so fun

The next two choices don’t matter

Even if it was with my self-imposed handicap, I'm impressed that you beat me. You've become quite skilled.

  • I couldn’t let myself lose

Akechi will also ask you this question.

Why not join me instead? All you’d have to do is abandon the teammates you have now. How about it?

Akechi’s eyes are deadly serious. I need to give him a real answer

Choose “You’re my rival”. No response gives you Confidant points, but you can only unlock Akechi’s Persona transformation if you pick this answer.

I have to ask, why do you get so competitive against me?

  • We’re rivals, aren’t we? (+2)

Akechi Confidant rank 8 fight and choices

Persona 5 Royal Akechi Confidant: An anime young man wearing a white suit and red mask brandishes a sword

Rank 8 is completely different. You must fight Akechi in Mementos and win to move forward with the Confidant and unlock Akechi’s Persona transformation. Akechi uses Bless and Curse skills, so equip Madarame’s Ring of Vanity on your strongest Persona and bring others with resistances to Curse and Bless.

Stock up on HP recovery items, and start the battle by buffing your evasion and either buffing your attack or debuffing Akechi’s defense (or both). You won’t have any allies to back you up for this fight.

After the fight, choose “I accept.” Then, you have a few dialogue choices

By the way, about that duel—if we had fought to the end, do you see yourself winning?

  • I definitely wouldn’t lose (+2)

...You're the one person I refuse to lose to

  • Really hate losing don’t you (+2)

Akechi Confidant rank 9 and 10

These happen automatically, but whether you get the true ending depends on which choices you make.

After securing the route to Shido’s treasure, tell Akechi:

  • I want to keep our promise

Two more responses in February affect the ending you get as well, which we cover in our Persona 5 Royal true ending guide.

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