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Persona 5 Royal Iwai Confidant guide and choices

Selling dangerous weapons to minors as a part-time job? Sure, why not

The Persona 5 Royal Iwai Confidant makes gun combat more useful than usual, giving you a chance to deal extra damage when your SP is low and even inflict status ailments without using a Persona skill. Iwai’s Confidant functions a bit differently from others, with a steep stat barrier that blocks you from starting, even though the Confidant unlocks early in the game.

You need to max that stat to finish the Confidant as well, but since Iwai’s Confidant isn’t tied to the true ending, you have plenty of time to work on it. Just make sure to give Iwai gifts that he likes to help speed things along.

As with all Confidants in Persona 5 Royal, you can, and should, boost your relationship with Iwai faster if you include a Persona of the matching Arcana during rank up events, which, for Iwai, is Hanged Man This guide uses point values for answers with a matching Persona in your roster, so adjust the point value down by 1 if you don’t have one on hand.

Persona 5 Royal has quite a few low-level Hanged Personas to pick from early in the game. You can recruit Hua Po and Inugami from Madarame’s Palace and register them in the compendium for easy summoning later. If you missed them, the cheapest way to is to get Hua Po by fusing Berith and Incubus or Genbu and Mandrake. For a higher-level Persona, consider Hecatoncheires, since you’ll need that one for the Strength Confidant anyway.

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Persona 5 Royal Iwai Confidant unlocks

Rank 1: Starter Customization

  • Lets you customize and upgrade your gun. Customization options include enhancing accuracy or power, though often at the expense of other gun stats.

Rank 3: Camo Customization

  • Lets you install camouflage, which imbues gunshots with status effects such as burn and freeze

Rank 5: Discount

  • Reduces the cost of gun customization

Rank 7: Expert customization

  • Broadens the selection of customization parts

Rank 10: On the House

  • Iwai lets you customize your gun for free

Persona 5 Royal Iwai Confidant choices and availability

Persona 5 Royal Iwai Confidant: An anime man stands behind a chainlink fence, next to a menu screen displaying gun customization options

Iwai’s Confidant unlocks after May 6, when you’re prompted to ask about what’s in the paper bag Iwai gave you. The catch is that you can’t ask until you have rank four guts. You can read these books to raise guts:

  • Pirate Legend
  • The Gallant Rogue
  • Cry of Cthulhu

The X Folders and The Running Dead DVDs will also increase your guts, and you get a guts boost from spending time with Takemi the doctor. Take on the Big Bang Burger challenge for yet another guts increase.

Once you’re at guts rank four, Iwai is available at night on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Iwai Confidant rank 1 choices

No choice matters until the phone call at the end.

If you want somethin', you're gonna have to work for it.

  • So what’s my first job?

Iwai Confidant rank 2 choices

No choice matters until the end

Sounds like there's some weird stuff goin' down

  • What should I do now?
  • How’s your cold? (both give +2)

Iwai Confidant rank 3 choices

The same clan I was in... back when I was part of the yakuza

  • I always knew you were a thug

Hope I ain't scarin' you off with all this talk

  • We made a deal didn’t we?

Iwai Confidant rank 4 choices

Persona 5 Royal Iwai Confidant: An anime man wearing a trench coat stands behind a counter in a dimly lit shop

Anyways, nice job. I'm gonna be able to give Tsuda a real scare thanks to the info you gave me!

  • Where’s my reward?

But now Tsuda knows your face. And that could be a real problem

  • I agree (+2)

Iwai Confidant rank 5 choices

He's just got too much power…

  • You’re pathetic

You prolly don't want anythin' to do with me after that, huh?

  • I’ll stick around for the guns

But I gotta protect that secret, no matter what. For Kaoru's sake.

  • You’re right

Iwai Confidant rank 6 choices

You two look like you're havin' fun. What've you been talkin' about?

  • Girls
  • That’s a secret

Ain't that right?

  • You should buy us something

Looked like you and Kaoru really hit it off. Glad to see you two get along

  • He’s my age, so it comes easier
  • All I did was listen (both give +2)

Iwai Confidant rank 7 choices

I mean, don't somethin' about that seem off to you?

  • Absolutely

And now he's tryin' to use me to cover up his mistake.

  • He’s clever

But considering who we're dealin' with... we can't afford to take any chances

  • Bring it on

There’s a second set of events after this where you and Iwai confront Tsuda, but you need to max out your guts stat before you can agree to go with Iwai.

I hope dealing with all this yakuza business hasn't been too much trouble

  • I did it all for Iwai

Just forget all of this

  • I will
  • I want to help you (both give +2)

The Mementos quest Shady Deal in the Shadows unlocks. Complete that to move on to the rank 8 event.

Iwai Confidant rank 8 choices

Persona 5 Royal Iwai Confidant: An anime teenager looks at a gun in his hand while an anime man watches from behind a shop counter

Hey, you think a guy can really go through a drastic change that quick?

  • I dunno (+2)

I understand kids these days have all sortsa commitments, so I get it if the answer's gotta be no…

  • I guess I could consider it
  • If you pay me well

Seemed like he was on the level, but... can't be too careful

  • Understood (+2)

Iwai Confidant rank 9 choices

Serves him right, huh?

  • Are you sure he’s still alive?


  • Both options give +3

Guess you're maturin' quicker than I even realized..

  • Kaoru is really strong willed
  • He’s a cool kid, huh?

The kid must've grown into a man while I wasn't looking

  • Like father, like son
  • Gecko bonds go beyond blood (both give +2)

Iwai Confidant rank 10 choices


  • It’s up to you now, Iwai
  • Kaoru won’t lose

I can't be the only one who was saved by his change of heart. Wonder who else knows…

  • What if you’re right?

All shop and no school makes Joker guaranteed to fail his exams, but with our Persona 5 Royal classroom answers guide, you don't ever have to pay attention in class.

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