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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Frocium locations and uses

Frocium? I barely know 'em!

Frocium in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is one of the ores you’ll see pop up frequently in crafting recipes. If you’re after high-level variants of familiar sets such as Ingot and Baggi armor, you’ll need a fair few Frocium to get it. While the item is rare, you do at least have quite a few chances to harvest it.

What is Frocium?

Frocium is yet another ore you can only obtain once you hit Master Rank. It shows up with a blue icon, so it’s harder to overlook when you’re mining, and like other Master Rank items, you can’t get it before reaching Master Rank. Farming outcrops at High Rank will, naturally, just get you High Rank items.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Frocium location

A map showing Frost Island's blue mining outcrops

Frocium comes from mining outcrops in the Frost Islands area, and like most other Master Rank ores, we haven’t found much of a difference in drop rates between Frost Islands’ blue and white outcrops.

Make sure to head out on a Master Rank Expedition, so you don’t have to worry about time limits, and equip the Geologist skill before you go. This skill gives you an extra chance to use a mining outcrop, and while it doesn’t raise your chances of getting the ore you want, it does at least give you more opportunities to get it.

While you’re here, track down some Zamite for Supple Piel and say hi to the Monksnail near region 8.

Frocium uses

You need Frocium for almost the entire Ingot X set, the Master Rank variant of the regular Ingot set, the secret Utsushi V set, and the Master Rank versions of the Tetranadon and Baggi sets. In short, it’s a pretty in-demand material once you start crafting at high ranks, especially since all of these have high defense value and decent resistances without forcing you into a deficit for another element.

There's plenty more crafting ingredients to keep a look out for. Finding Ultimas Crystal, Awegite, and Allfire Stone is your best bet in the early stages, so you can craft strong armor to help take down the likes of Daimyo Hermitaur and Shogun Ceanatuar.

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