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Monster Hunter Rise: Elgado Tickets | Where to get them and how to use them

Elgado Tickets are necessary for some great late-game gear, but procuring them can be a hassle.

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Elgado Tickets are fairly rare and incredibly valuable resource that can be used to craft a variety of items – you just need to make sure you've cleared enough content first.

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As opposed to minerals, in-world resources, or monster parts, Elgado Tickets are achieved passively and only handed out by in-game vendors at set occaisions – you can't just go out into a mission and grind for them.

This means you will probably have to repeat multiple quests and clear a lot of the non-essential content in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak to get them. Sustained play and making sure to clear the more difficult high-end tasks will eventually yield results, though.

In Monster Hunter Rise, Kamura Tickets are a rare and elusive material that can be used to craft a variety of items, once you have finally managed to grab some.

You'll need a few of these.

Where you normally go out and actively hunt one monster or another to get the parts you need, Kamura Tickets are achieved passively by completing other objectives, rather than collecting them directly.

This means you will probably have to grind through multiple quests to get enough for your needs. However, with some concerted effort, you should be able to add some to your inventory.

How do I get Elgado Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

This guy right here – he's the holder of the Tickets.

Elgado Tickets are a reward item in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. They are represented by a light blue icon that looks a bit like a piece of ragged paper in your inventory.

"A ticket given for contributions to the Outpost," it reads. "Give it to the Smithy and...?"

You receive Elgado tickets from Admiral Galleus, an NPC who can be found in the Command Post part of Elgado Outpost.

If you talk to him after completing a Master Rank Quest, Follower Quest, or Follower Survey, there's a random chance that he'll give you an Elgado Ticket as a token of his appreciation – and as a reward on behalf of the Kingdom.

Kamura Tickets were granted after completing 15 to 30 Quests in the main game – it stands to reason Elgado Tickets work the same way (though we've yet to test that and get the numbers 100% correct). Having completed about 130 Master Rank Quests, Follower Quests and Follower Surveys, though, I have 12 in my inventory – the maths checks out, just about, with a few bonus Tickets thrown in as scripted rewards for clearing Urgent Quests.

TL;DR? Clear many quests, and progress through your Master Rank journey to unlock more Elgado tickets.

It's worth noting that the base game recieved the 7-Star High Rank Quest, Gales of Ibushi Blow Again, as part of update 3.4. This DLC quest allowed you to farm Kamura Tickets more reliably; maybe we'll get an update that lets us get more frequent Elgado tickets once the DLC has been out a few weeks. We'll update this guide if that is the case.

How do I use Elgado Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

Wanna be a Lecturer? Get those Tickets!

Elgado Tickets are used in crafting, forging, and upgrading the various weapons and armor in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Mostly, you'll need to use them to forge armour sets you unlock from completing Follower Quests in Elgado. This means sets like Lecturer, Channeler, Medium and others will use the tickets. Armor items typically need 1 ticket per part of a set, so 5 tickets per set should be enough.

You will also need 3 Elgado Tickets per set to create the Felyne Meownarch or Canyne Knight high-end buddy gear.

Finally, some Guild weapons will need the Tickets – usually 2 per item, though some will take 1 or 3. It's wise to hold off craftin Elgado Ticket weapons until you've unlocked more of the Weapon tree, post-game. There are items that come available that are more powerful, and less irritating to get the items to make.

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