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Monster Hunter Rise: Kamura Tickets | Where to get them and how to use them

Tickets don't have to be golden to be valuable

In Monster Hunter Rise, Kamura Tickets are a rare and elusive material that can be used to craft a variety of items, once you have finally managed to grab some.

Where you normally go out and actively hunt one monster or another to get the parts you need, Kamura Tickets are achieved passively by completing other objectives, rather than collecting them directly.

This means you will probably have to grind through multiple quests to get enough for your needs. However, with some concerted effort, you should be able to add some to your inventory.

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How do I get Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise?

Kamura Tickets are a reward item in Monster Hunter Rise. They are represented by a dark blue icon resembling a piece of paper.

You receive Kamura tickets from Fugen the Elder, an NPC who can be found in the northern part of Kamura Village.

If you talk to him after completing a Village Quest or Rampage Quest, there's a random chance that he'll give you a Kamura Ticket as a token of his appreciation as leader of the village.

This doesn't happen every time, but it makes sense to check in with him frequently after completing quests of the relevant types.

After a while of play, you will start to unlock equipment which uses Kamura Tickets in its recipe.

How to use Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise

Kamura Tickets are used in crafting, forging, and upgrading the following items of equipment in Monster Hunter Rise:

Weapon Forging (no. required)Weapon Upgrades (no. required)Armour Crafting (no. required)
Brush Glaive I (2)Brush Glaive II (3)Channeler Hair-tie + S variant (2 each)
Cornpopper I (2)Catspaw II (1)Channeler Hakama + S variant (2 each)
Egg Hammer I (1)Cornpopper II (2)Channeler Hope + S variant (2 each)
Grass Flute I (2)Felyne Bow II (1)Channeler Obi + S variant (2 each)
Kelbi Stingshot I (2)Kelbi Stingshot II (3)Channeler Robe + S variant (2 each)
Ninja Parasol I (2)Kelbi Strongshot (4)Medium’s Hair-tie + S variant (2 each)
Origami Axe I (1)Mighty Cornpopper (2)Medium’s Hakama + S variant (2 each)
Ricebane I (1)Origami Axe II (1)Medium’s Obi + S variant (2 each)
Stealth Dango I (1)Petal Cloud (2)Medium’s Prayer + S variant (2 each)
Teddybear I (1)Pounder of Rice (3)Medium’s Robe + S variant (2 each)
Ricebane II (2)Utsushi Braces (Visible or Hidden) + S variants (2 each)
Watercolor Glaive (4)Utsushi Chest (Visible or Hidden) + S variants (2 each)
Utsushi Greaves (Visible or Hidden) + S variants (2 each)
Utsushi Mask (Visible or Hidden) + S variants (2 each)
Utsushi Tassets (Visible or Hidden) + S variants (2 each)

For more information on the crafting system in Monster Hunter Rise, check out our crafting guide.

If you have other questions about the game, visit our Monster Hunter Rise guides hub page.

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