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Where do you find all of the Tears of Aphrodite in Immortals: Fenyx Rising?

Magical, salty tears

The goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, isn't always happy. When she lost her great love, Adonis, she shed three magical tears of extraordinary power, and it's these that Fenyx needs to complete their quest and take another step closer to defeating Typhon in Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Collecting all three Tears of Aphrodite won't be easy. They've been sealed inside of three tough Vaults of Tartaros all across the Valley of Eternal Spring. It's up to Fenyx to venture into these pits of evil and solve the puzzles to escape.

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However, not only is each location filled with traps and treasure, but they can also be difficult to access in the first place.

Here's where to find all three Tears of Aphrodite in Immortals: Fenyx Rising, as well as how to solve the puzzles inside the Vaults of Tartaros.

Where to find Aphrodite Tear 1 - Kalliope's Distress

Starting with the northernmost vault of Tartaros. When you arrive in the area, you DO NOT need to fight a tough harpy, Lieutenant Aello, the Storm Swift. The vault is underneath the platform where he is.

If you do want to fight him, it is possible. Just focus on attacking him in the air with your axe, otherwise you won’t do enough damage. Stun is your friend and will help you take him down much more quickly.

All of the harpy enemies are really frustrating.

Fenyx flipping the first switch to enter Kalliope's Distress

To get inside, you need to light the three crystals above the door. First, destroy the crumbling wall next to the blocked door, lift the block through the grate to release the red gate, then press the pedestal inside.

Fenyx flipping the second switch to enter Kalliope's Distress

Next, drop down through the hole in the floor on your right. At the bottom is another pedestal. Be careful not to fall - the camera is not kind down here.

Fenyx flipping the third switch to enter Kalliope's Distress

Finally, jump up to above the first pedestal, where you can see the relief of the lyre on the wall. There’s a stand on the floor up here that unlocks a brazier down below. Shoot a slow-mo arrow from this point through the fire, then through the crack in the wall, to light it.

This starts up a steam vent nearby. Glide up using the vent and the last pedestal is at the top.

You can now drop into the Vault of Tartaros: Kalliope's Distress.

The route Fenyx needs to take to get past the first Cerberus head to get the Aphrodite tear in Kalliope's Distress

Run forward and glide over the gap, then there’s a cerberus head shooting fireballs across a grid of floor buttons. Look above the cerberus head and there’s a golden grid showing you the pattern you need to follow. In my game it was the bottom two on the left and the top two on the right.

This stops the fireballs and starts up a vent to the next area.

Again, you have to follow the golden pattern - avoiding the fireballs - from the grid above.

The route Fenyx needs to take to get past the second Cerberus head to get the Aphrodite tear in Kalliope's Distress

You need to go, two in the bottom right, then the three across the top, then the left two from the third row.

Take the next vent to the upper level, then try to remember the grid on your right.

The route Fenyx needs to take to get past the third Cerberus head to get the Aphrodite tear in Kalliope's Distress

The pattern is the first three from the bottom left, two on the far left of the fifth row, the fourth from the fifth and fourth, then the last two on the far right of the second row.

You can then take the last vent up to the tear of Aphrodite, or take on an extra challenge for a chest on the left before you do.

The route Fenyx needs to take to get the bonus chest in Kalliope's Distress

You press the two in the middle on the bottom two rows, middle and right on the top row, then right and left on the third.

This gets you the stormy helm of the vulture which gives you +20% damage in the air.

Either way, grab the tear and a lightning bolt to leave.

Where to find Aphrodite Tear 2 - Aphrodite’s Bewilderment

Next, is the southwestern vault. In the village of Adonia, look for an archway with a red door behind it.

Fenyx placing cabbages to get into Aphrodite's Bewilderment

To open the door, you need to place giant cabbages on the pedestals on either side of the courtyard. Grab them from rooftops all over the town.

Once placed, you unlock the Vault of Tartaros: Aphrodite’s Bewilderment.

Walk forward and press the button to materialise some boxes to clear the ledge. At the top, materialise some more, then stack them like the were below to clear the second ledge.

To get up to the third ledge, turn back and grab the top box that you just jumped from and slide it over to the foot of the ledge. Then you can use it to jump up.

This gets you to a checkpoint and a new button to push.

Fenyx lifting a box to get closer to the Aphrodite tear in Aphrodite's Bewilderment

Again, stack the boxes that appear and jump up to the next ledge. Turn around and grab the top box like you did last time, then slide it all the way around to the other end of the platform, timing your run to get past the fireball-shooting cerberus heads.

Jump up to the next platform, then grab the box again and get it to the other side - you need it to weigh down a feather button at the top. Be very careful not to hit the ledge with the box or it will break and you’ll have to do the puzzle again. Also be careful not to throw it either - otherwise it will just fly off the side of the platform.

Fenyx jumping over a gap in Aphrodite's Bewilderment

Glide over the vents that appear, then grab the tear. To escape, push the button and stack the boxes that materialise. Double jump and glide to the ledge to clamber up, then grab the top box from behind you.

Slide it to the other side of the platform, then double jump and glide again to the next platform.

Pick up the box again and place it on the feather button to continue.

Fenyx weighing down a button with small boxes in Aphrodite's Bewilderment

Carefully throw the two smaller boxes that appear onto the high platform with the green light to weigh down the anvil button there.

You can also glide down to get the extra chest even though you don’t have the right power yet. It gets you the hubristic one-eyed helm which gives +20% damage against unique enemies. But either way get the lightning bolt to leave.

Where to find Aphrodite Tear 3 - Adonis' Fall

Finally, turn your attention to the southeastern Vault of Tartaros. Make your way over there and you’ll find it surrounded by boars.

The statue Fenyx needs to destroy to get into Adonis' Fall

Smash the statue and you’ll find the entrance underneath to Adonis’ Fall.

Walk forward and pull the lever as the balls roll past to fire them into the breakable wall across the gap and smash it.

Fenyx making a ball fly into a slot to progress in Adonis' Fall

Your goal is to get one on the balls in the slot on the other side of the gap so you can jump across and use the vent to get to the next area.

Fenyx solving a puzzle in Adonis' Fall to get closer to the Aphrodite tear

Next up is the same again, just with two walls to demolish this time. Fire a ball past the second wall and it will roll down into another slot and start up another air vent.

Instead of going straight left though, you can fire another ball onto the top of the buildings here and access a secret chest straight on from behind the second wall. This gets you the Spring’s Laurel helm which gives you +40% damage after you use a health potion for 6 seconds.

Fenyx solving the final puzzle in Adonis' Fall

Back to the main puzzle, glide up using the vent and this time you have to destroy a wall and knock some boxes off of some pedestals.

You can cheat to get rid of the boxes by jumping to the wall and throwing the heavy blocks you find there at the boxes.

Fenyx jumping up to collect the Aphrodite tear in Adonis' Fall

Once the way is clear, fire a ball all the way to the back wall and it will roll into the final slot.

Now use the moving pedestals to jump up to the activated vent and complete the vault of Tataros.

Collect the final tear and grab the lightning bolt to finally finish this part of the quest.

With that you can continue the main quest or branch out into side activities like collecting Coins of Charon, stocking up on resources and unfogging the map!

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