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Immortals Fenyx Rising Myth Challenges: How to get Coins of Charon

When you're not searching for Greek Gods and battling whimsical creatures in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you'll be able to find and complete various Myth Challenges dotted around the map.

There are several types of Myth Challenges to find and complete in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and each one rewards you with Coins of Charon, resources and a nice bit of lore from Zeus, Prometheus and Daidalos.

Some Myth Challenges are locked behind puzzles, and others are available at any time once you've found them, like the Navigation Challenges. We'll be giving you a quick rundown of each different type and how to complete them to earn yourself more coins to spend on levelling up your skills.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Myth Challenges

There are four Myth Challenges that you'll encounter in each area of the map:

  • Navigation Challenges
  • Lyre Challenges
  • Fresco Challenges
  • Odysseus Challenges

These challenges can be complete at any time and if you fail the likes of a Navigation Challenge, you can restart it with no penalty, though you'll need to select that option quickly. You can use Far Sight to find these challenges as you look around or wait to come across them naturally.

At the end of each challenge, you'll receive some Coins of Charon which you can use at the River Styx Cistern in the Hall of the Gods to upgrade your Godly Powers and unlock new Abilities.

Navigation Challenges

Daidalos has stamina challenges for you that are basically time trials. You'll need to sprint and fly to a specific location on the map that's marked with a beam of gold light and isn't always obvious at first glance. It seems like you can also use your mount during these challenges, though we're not sure if that'll be patched out as it does feel a little on the edge of cheating.

You'll need to stand on the platform with the winged sandal to begin and a horn will sound. From there, look for the beam of light to see your endpoint. You can waste time by farting around looking for the finish line the first few times as the option to reset the challenge will appear if you fail. You'll need to select the option quickly, though, or it won't be available anymore.

Lyre Challenges

One of the first Myth Challenges you'll find upon starting Immortals Fenyx Rising is the Lyre Challenge, with the accompanying Big Lyre. The Big Lyre is a musical instrument and conveniently acts as a fast travel point.

You'll need to search for Small Lyres, which are denoted on the map as a musical note - a quaver, to be exact - which you can often hear before you see. They can be found in the open but are sometimes locked behind a puzzle behind a chest, so look for the icon in your navbar, on your map or for a distinct harp-like tune.

Once you find a Small Lyre, interact with it and note the order the strings are plucked. Each lyre has four strings and will play four or five notes in sequence, so once you've written them down, return to the Big Lyre and shoot arrows at the corresponding strings. If you miss a string with your arrow, you need to start the sequence again. Each Big Lyre gives out three or more rewards for finding these unique tunes and it's a nice, easy way to get some more Coins of Charon.

Fresco Challenges

Fresco Challenges involve pushing smaller murals around a small board to make a complete picture. Some are guarded by enemies or blocked by a puzzle, others you can interact with freely. There's limited space on the board and you'll need to use a bit of problem-solving to figure out how to get each piece in the correct spot.

It involves a bit of pushing squares back and forth to get them in the right order, but if you feel like you've messed it up to the point of no return, you can hold down your start menu button to reset the challenge or load back if you saved before attempting it.

Odysseus Challenges

Finally, we have Odysseus Challenges. This challenge involves standing on a platform with a helmet on it and firing arrows using Apollo's Arrows . You'll need to guide the arrow through an obstacle course of sorts, through little hoops until you reach a beacon or incense burner. Some challenges involve guiding the arrow through fire to light a beacon, others are just following a trail.

You'll need to keep an eye on your stamina to make it round some of the longer routes and the arrows themselves can be a little tricky to manoeuvre as they move quite quickly, but again, you can retry this type of challenge as many times as you like.

You can check out our Immortals Fenyx Rising review here, as well as our top tips for getting started and how to gather resources and upgrade your gear.

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