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Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips: How to become the ultimate Greek hero

There are quite a few mechanics to get your head around in Immortals Fenyx Rising, so we've created this handy guide to get you started.

Regardless of whether you're playing for the story or like to set your games to the highest difficult, Immortals Fenyx Rising bombards you with a bunch of mechanics and concepts in the opening hours and you can easily feel overwhelmed by all this new information.

The Clashing Rocks island provides you with a quick tutorial in each key concept such as mastering combat, collecting resources and completing challenges, but the difficulty can ramp up quite quickly depending on where you head next and how adventurous you are.

Luckily for you, this guide will look at the basics and provide some advanced tips to help you through some of the more challenging puzzles and encounters, but beware of early to mid-game spoilers.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: Tips for getting started

Zeus and Prometheus will guide you at the beginning of Immortals Fenyx Rising and there will be a quest to complete that will get you up to speed with most of the basics, then it's up to you to upgrade your gear, find chests and explore the map.


There are two ways to explore and plan your route in Immortals Fenyx Rising: run around and discover things in your own time, or use the Far Sight mechanic. This lets you scan the entire area around you and beyond to uncover various resources like Ambrosia, chests, quests and Myth Challenges.

You need to follow the vibration and watch for the light around the tracker becoming denser to reveal the location of a point of interest, but it's a quick way to discover loads of activities and plot a route.

The Wings of Daidalos will enable you to fly around for as long as your stamina can carry you, letting you reach new heights - literally. It also provides a means of quick escape if you need it as well as a fast travel option of sorts. You can also climb absolutely everything, but keep an eye on your stamina as it can drain pretty quickly.

You can also Fast Travel around the map to key areas like statues of Gods, the Hall of the Gods and points of interest, such as those marked by a Column icon or the Big Lyre. Otherwise, you'll need to run, fly or use a mount to get there.


As you complete the main quest, you'll get a sword, a bow and an axe, and will eventually unlock Godly Powers. You can eventually unlock a wide range of Abilities for your weapons that are essentially combos, which you should try to master early on. The other key combat aspect is parrying, which will become your best friend when fighting unique enemies.

Successfully parrying an attack - which gives off yellow and blue lightning - will deal damage back to your enemy and can rapidly reduce their health in a fight, particularly if they spam attack you. This is definitely worth remember when you come up against Medusa, as her bolt attack fires between six and eight times and you can inflict a great deal of damage back at her which cuts the fight time in half.

Coins of Charon

Once you unlock the Hall of the Gods, you'll be able to use these coins to upgrade your Abilities, both for your weapons and Godly powers. You'll get Coins of Charon by completing Myth Challenges and other activities, such as:

  • Navigation Challenges
  • Lyre Challenges
  • Fresco Challenges
  • Odysseus Challenges
  • Opening Vault chests
  • Side quests

It's worth taking the time to complete challenges and gather the coins up, otherwise, you'll be stuck with a basic skill set for quite a long time which can make things more difficult.


There are various in-game resources you can collect on your travels that you'll need to recover and upgrade health and stamina, as well as items you'll need to upgrade your weapons and armour, brew potions and upgrade your Abilities. Most can be found out in the wild and are large enough to spot from a fair distance, not at least because they glow.

Here are all the resources you'll encounter, and you can check out our Resources Guide for more info.

  • Pomegranates: Recovers health, used for health potions.
  • Blue Mushroom: Recovers stamina, used for stamina potions.
  • Adamantine Shards: Used for weapon and armour upgrades. Available in Yellow, Blue, Red, and Purple.
  • Olympian Figs: Attack potion.
  • Flower Nectar: Defense potion.
  • Ambrosia: Increases health.
  • Lightning Bolts of Zeus: Increases stamina.
  • Coins of Charon: Upgrade Abilities.

You can also use your sword or axe to destroy various plants and bushes to uncover more resources, as well as opening chests and completing quests.


To complete the majority of puzzles, you'll need to have unlocked all three weapons plus the ability to pick up and carry items such as boxes or rocks. Some puzzles involve weight challenges, where you need to put heavy items on the platform with the anvil icon and light objects on the feather platform. Others involve shooting Apollo's Arrows through fire to light beacons, can include trying to fit them through small gaps and through walls.

You'll need to complete puzzles as part of the main quest, to unlock Epic Chests and for other side quests as you progress, but you'll get used to them quickly. The constellation challenges, such as the one in Hermes' Biome, can upgrade your Wings, so they are worth doing to get unique item upgrades and a bunch of Coins of Charon.

Epic Chests

There are regular chests and Epic Chests available in Immortals Fenyx Rising, with the latter often guarded by powerful enemies or locked behind a puzzle. They often contain cosmetic items, bits of armour and various resources, and occasionally weapons, so are well worth pursuing.


There's a Level 3 Laurion horse available in the Clashing Rocks area - he's a metallic silver colour and worth finding. You can also tame and collect various other horses and deer as you progress. To tame a creature, crouch and slowly walk towards it. You'll see an exclamation mark and the mount will get a bit flustered if you get too close too fast, so take your time and wait for the Tame prompt to appear.

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