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Helldivers 2 players are headed back to the bug front, as Arrowhead teases giving Game Master Joel more tools to mess with Super Earth

"I can’t tell much, otherwise [Game Master] Joel would hunt me down!"

A bile titan standing behind a helldiver in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead

Helldivers 2 is back at it again with another Major Order about keeping a bunch of planets under control, with the Terminds as the foe this time. However, don't worry if you're hoping Arrowhead will throw some more interesting wrinkles into the Galactic War, as it sounds like Game Master Joel might be getting some new tools soon.

Aside from that bit of nice child saving and some tree climbing it's been in bit quiet for Super Earth on the war from since the Meridia black hole became a thing. Thankfully, reading the tea leaves, it seems like folks could soon get the pick-up in action they crave.

First, this latest Major Order tasks players with establishing control of five planets - Erson Sands, Acamar IV, Pandion XXIV, Phact Bay, and Bore Rock - by the time it it expires. Why? Well, as Arrowhead community manager Baskinator explains, even though the Automatons have been temporarily pacified, the bugs' "hunger to infest and consume new worlds is as endless as their Tyranny".

"The Terminids have now spread to the Falstaff and Jin Xi sectors," they outline, "These regions have long been allocated by the Ministry of Expansion for long-term colonization—this greedy annexation will not be tolerated. It is imperative to maintain our focus on preventing the expansion of the Terminids."

New MO is up
by u/Jammychop in Helldivers

As you can imagine given how similar this task is to the last couple of MOs, some hardcore players are starting to get a bit hungry for something flashy and fresh. "It definitely feels like we’re at the edge of the next story beat but they aren’t ready to send it out yet," one wrote in Reddit thread where some folks have speculated that Arrowhead could perhaps be waiting for the period of summer that sees a lot of folks go on holiday to pass before it kicks things into a new gear.

The good news is, based on some comments made by Arrowhead production director Alex Bolle in the first of Helldivers 2's new community updates, it sounds like the studio does have plenty up its sleeves Galactic War-wise. In terms of what he's most excited about in terms of the game's near future, the developer said: "I’m very excited to see the future improvements we want to make to the Galactic War and all the tools we have planned for the Game Master. One of our pillars for the future is to focus on playing with (or against) the community, and what I see so far tells me that we’ll have a lot of fun."

To me, the tools for the Game Master bit is the most noteworthy, though obviously what it's refering to is very much being left to the imagination. The elephant in the room would be a new faction, like the long-rumoured Illuminate, but Bolle could just as easily be alluding to to less glamorous stuff. We'll just have to wait and see.

What are you most keen to see Arrowhead do to spice up the next stage of the war? Let us know below!

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