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Helldivers 2's latest patch adds optional account linking to the game's settings and, er, makes the Tenderizer the right colour

Having a host leave your session should also now be less of a thing to worry about.

A helldiver wearing a Polar Patriots armour set in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: VG247/Arrowhead

Here's another Helldivers 2 patch, dropping in to offer some fixes to your game - which include adding a fresh option to link your PSN and Steam accounts via the game's settings.

This is a noteworthy development, given the massive backlash Sony recently got when it tried to make linking your PSN and Steam accounts a mandatory requirerement for PC players, a decision the publisher then walked back after the game was review bombed. To be clear, linking the two very much still looks to be an optional thing at the moment, with this patch just adding a new means by which you can initiate the process, if you're so inclined.

In the notes for patch 1.000.304, which mainly targets some pesky crashes, Arrowhead simply writes that: "Optional account linking [is] now available in the Account section of the in-game settings." So, there's a new way for you to go about doing it if you fancy, which is perfectly fine news for now, even if some players look to be a bit unsure of whether this change should reassure them about linking remaining optional in the long-term.

Beyond this, the AR-61 Tenderizer has now been given the correct colour scheme, though Arrowhead does admit in the 'known issues' section that the weapon still "deals too little damage and is not in the final state we are intending".

While the Tenderizer'll be getting further tweaks going forwards, the patch does aim to fix several crash scenarios, including one "triggered when the host left after a player hot joined", and another issue that saw players get "stuck on the mission summary screen when the host leaves". So, your fortunes should no longer be as tied to what the person in charge of your sessions gets up to.

Also, "attachments on weapons showing up as purple question marks in the tutorial" shouldn't be a thing going forwards, no doubt angering some Super Earth version of The Riddler.

If you're looking for ways to potentially switch up your Helldivers 2 experience, some modders have been working on transforming it into a Star Wars shooter set in the Clone Wars.

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