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Nice, Helldivers 2's latest patch stops you from accidently destroying your own mech with a stray missile, you know, like an idiot

You need no longer fear the fatal Exosuit three-point turn, and yes, Arrowhead's working on those cross-play friend invite issues.

An exosuit and soldier flanked by an explosion in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: VG247/Arrowhead

What's that coming over the hill? Don't worry, it's not a swarm of Terminids, it's a brand new Helldivers 2 patch, full of the usual fixes and tweaks. What are the headliners this time? Well, if you've ever accidentally destoyed your own mech by firing a missile mid-turn, I've got some good news for you.

With a fresh major order having been issued yesterday and challenging the soldiers of Super Earth to plough on with what's been a very successful campaign against the Terminids so far it's a nice time for a fresh update to arrive. Especially since folks have been worrying about a new foe potentially landing on Super Earth’s radar soon.

As outlined in the notes for patch 1.000.103, its main targets are the EXO-45 Patriot exosuit and the dangerous planetary hazards you can run into while out on missions or fighting the good fight on alien worlds, both of which are relatively recent additions to the game. First of all, lets talk about the exosuits. Have you ever accidentally managed to destroy one you're piloting by firing a missile while you're turning? Well, the bug that was causing that should now have been fixed, reducing the potential for expensive embarassment.

You should also find that damaged exosuits won't suddenlly lose the ability to launch melee attacks, something that seems like it could be a headache during a close-quarters firefight. Oh, and this isn't technically exosuit related, but Arrowhead also says it's "reduced incidents of patrols spawning on players", so you should encounter less surprise ambushes of that nature.

Now, on to the environmental hazards. Spawn rates for everything from meteor showers, to ion storms, and even those pesky fire tornadoes have been "balanced and adjusted", and you should encounter less of them during missions. On top of that, meteor showers and volcanic activity in particular should be less terrfying, since they've both been hit with nerfs and/or changes designed to make them easier to avoid.

Those are the main bits, but the usual list of crash scenario fixes and known issues being worked on are also there to go through if you fancy. On the latter list are "various issues involving friend invites and cross-play" that players have reported, so chill out, Arrowhead's definitely working on those.

Hey, maybe you can make some new mates by help out some newbies - a bit like one player who’s been busy making the cosmos a better place one game of rock, paper, scissors at a time - while you wait for your existing ones to become available without issue via cross-play.

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