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After Helldivers 2's latest Major Order looked like a lost cause for days, the battle has come down to one planet - and victory seems very possible

The defense of Ustotu is on, and it might end up being a close-run thing.

A Helldiver looking out over a planet from a ship in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios, PlayStation

Helldivers 2's latest Major Order had looked to be proving a tough one over the past few days, with the task of defending ten planets before time ran out seeming like it might be beyond the collective abilities of a community with varying priorites. Though, it now seems we might have been a bit hasty to rule out the galaxy's premier bug-slaying force - since they're now on the verge of potentially prying victory from the jaws of defeat.

Yup, after plenty of arguing about the difficulty hardcore players were having in trying to convince all of their casual pals that they needed to pitch in and help out with the complex plans being drawn up to execute this order, it looks like a win could well be on the way. That is, if the ongoing mass assault of Ustotu proves successful.

As of writing, the forces of Super Earth have successfully managed to defend of nine of the ten planets involved in this latest chapter of the Galactic War - having previously been stuck below five for a good while. With just under twelve hours left on the clock, there's only one planet standing between them and victory - the Automaton-infested Ustotu.

According to, around 22,000 players are currently battling to secure this world - with some no doubt having been buoyed into action by a number of recent calls to arms on the the game's subreddit, which popped up as folks started to realise they might actually be able to do this thing. Right now, the Ustotu's libration percentage is on the rise pretty rapidly - sitting at around 43% and growing a rate that could see the defense be completed in something like four or five hours' time.

Naturally, that's assuming the current rate of progress can be maintained - something that might well get tougher and tougher to do the closer folks get to earning what would be a very sweet victory. That said, if there's one thing Helldivers 2 players have shown so far, aside from some killer parkour skills, it's the ability to be tenacious.

No matter how this last ditch effort to defend democracy plays out, hopefully Helldivers 2's plucky troopers won't have to deal with any more Galactic War tracking outages any time soon, though Arrowhead did deal with the recent one pretty rapidly.

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