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Helldivers 2's latest order might be a bit of a struggle, but at least players have discovered a new Olympic sport - Factory Strider parkour

Hey, if you're gonna get court martialed for making weapon suggestions, why not find a different hobby?

A Factory Strider and a Helldiver in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: VG247/Arrowhead

While Helldivers 2's latest Major Order is proving a bit of a tough one, especially compared to some of the other stuff that the forces of Super Earth have been tasked with recently, folks are still finding ways to keep their sprits up. In a couple of cases the soultion to boosting morale looks to have been a simple one - try some Factory Strider parkour.

Yup, forget about trying to convince all of your casual pals that they need to pitch in and help out with defense of a bunch of planets, the clever - if as risky as you'd expect - tactic of landing on the big Automaton not quite-AT-ATs looks to getting more and more popular. To be fair, it looks a bit more fun than pummeling these tough foes with artillery from ground level.

A couple of different players have shared clips of them essentially goofing off atop Factory Striders to the game's subreddit recently, but the one I think really shows the potential of Factory Strider parkour as something that could be included as an event if the Terminids can ever be held off long enough to organise some kind of Helldiver Olympics comes from user CrzyDonkey.

Basically, as you can see below, having landed atop one Strider, they spotted another in close proximity and reckoned they'd try jumping from one to the other - they even managed to pull it off, despite nearly clipping through the second strider's head. Naturally, overconfidence then kicked in and they ended up plummeting to the ground after botching a follow-up jump to an iceberg, but for two seconds, things were very cool.

Jumped from one factory strider to another.
by u/CrzyDonkey in Helldivers

The clip's left me thinking - getting any more than two Striders together at the same time and lined up in a manner that might allow for a longer parkour sequence than this would probably be a very tough - maybe even impossible - task. But if it were doable, hoo boy, the fun that could be had as folks try not to casually break their ankles by plummeting to the surface.

Though, odds are the casualties wouldn't be limited to minor scrapes if that could be managed mid-battle - as this clip from Nikolajov_ demostrates pretty well, even if it is also quite cool.

No matter how you're having fun in Helldivers 2 these days, hopefully you won't have to deal with any more Galactic War tracking outages any time soon, though Arrowhead did deal with the recent one pretty rapidly.

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