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Helldivers 2's latest Major Order has the Automatons coming for Malevelon Creek, and naturally it's already reignited the real war

People who pay attention to supply lines vs those who, well, don't. FIGHT!

Some players shaking hands in Helldivers 2.
Image credit: Arrowhead

Helldivers 2's just gotten a fresh Major Order and everyone who's not busy chilling in the trees on Garcrux is already all over it. The problem - that Automatons are coming for Malevelon Creek. The other problem - there's a bit of disconnect between hardcores and casuals when it comes to plans that might stop them.

Having saved some human kids, you'll be glad to hear that the allure of a fresh biome didn't stop the helldiver masses from killing enough Terminid kids to succeed in the last MO. Now though, the issue of getting everyone on the same page is rearing its head again, in a slightly more familiar form.

Informing folks that the last order had resulted in "an elevated (but completely unharmful!) degree of Terminid spores having been measured around the most heavily hit planets", something I'm sure won't come back to bite Super Earth in the future, community manager Twinbeard relayed this new one in the following terms.

"An old, familiar threat once again rears its metallic head: The Automatons are pushing for their old vanguard sectors," they wrote, "In what appears to be an attempt to reclaim Malevelon Creek and adjacent systems, the Automatons are making a concerted effort to push south. Their old factories cannot be allowed to fall into the robotic hands of the automaton menace."

"But more importantly," the CM added, "the Memorial of Malevelon Creek cannot be allowed to be defiled given the great cost by which we claimed it. We must hold the Xzar sector to prevent the bots from establishing a foothold. Go forth and Spill Oil!"

If they can’t teach a lesson with Vandalon…
by u/BornWithASmirk in Helldivers

Naturally, that last bit has gotten people jazzed up to take on the challenge, but how exactly they should go about securing the planets the bots are coming for - Mort, Ingmar, Popli IX, Mantes, and Draupnir - has brought an age-old feud back to the fore. Long story short, even though the game now displays the supply lines that some hardcore players have always used to put together their often pretty complex plans of attack, lots of folks are adopting a more simplistic approach. Follow the crowd - or "the blob" as players on the Discord have dubbed it - and drop onto the planet most of the playerbase seems to be fighting for.

While it seems a lot of Super Earth ultras are learning that this isn't something they can control, no matter how many complex diagrams they draw up, some still think Arrowhead could have done a better job of making the masses aware of what supply lines mean now that they're an in-game thing.

"I was expecting this to get mentioned in the Message from Super Earth that popped up at the beginning of the MO," one wrote in a thread on the subject, "Something like "Helldivers may fulfill the order by fighting on these planets directly or by capturing the planets that are the source of the socialist automaton invasion". Some kind of fanfare indicating that supply lines give us options for fulfilling the MO."

Have you spent 1000 hours drawing up a battle plan for this MO, or do you think it's a bit unreasonable for Helldivers 2 hardcores to expect folks just trying to have fun to pay much attention to stuff like the supply lines? Let us know below!

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