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Everything we know about Genshin Impact version 2.7

It's taking a little bit longer than expected sure, but it's a big one.

Genshin Impact version 2.7 is a peculiar update coming to the hugely popular RPG in the near future, following up a story-rich 2.6 patch that revealed plenty of incredible story details and brought some long-awaited characters to wish banner events. As such, a high bar has been set for Version 2.7, and we can’t wait to see if it can reach it.

If you’re like us, you’ll want to know as much as possible about the future patch. Well you’re in luck, as this guide will cover everything we know about Genshin Impact version 2.7, including when it’s due to release and what you can expect once it launches.

When is Genshin Impact Version 2.7 coming out?

We currently don’t know when exactly Version 2.7 of Genshin Impact is set to release, as the update has been hit with an indefinite delay. This was announced via the official Genshin Impact Twitter, with no exact reason for the delay given.

However, Genshin Impact players haven’t been left out in the cold while they wait. Every week past the original release date comes with free rewards of Primogems, Fragile Resin, upgrade materials and mora for those who log in and check their mail. Also, another banner and additional events have been added to give us all something to do.

While there isn’t an exact date figured out, we know it will be released on June 8 at the earliest, as that’s when the current wish banner and events come to their natural conclusion June 7. Even with that in mind, please remember that nothing has been confirmed yet, so Version 2.7 could release beyond that date.

When is the Genshin Impact Version 2.7 livestream?

It was only recently been announced that the Genshin Impact version 2.7 livestream will be taking place on - May 20 at 8AM EST / 5AM PST / 1PM BST / 2PM CET. This comes via an official tweet from the Japanese Genshin Impact Twitter account which we've embedded below!

Genshin Impact Version 2.7 characters: Yelan and Kuki?

As we’ve not had the official version 2.7 livestream yet, we don’t technically know which new characters will be coming to the latest Genshin Impact update. However, thanks to what’s already been teased on social media and in-game during the 2.6 storyline, we have a good idea.

The first and most likely addition to the Genshin Impact cast is Yelan, who had their character art posted online a while back sending the community into a frenzy. We also saw her skulking around the Chasm in the last major update near the giant snake’s den, so it’s clear she’s close by and searching around this mysterious new zone for unknown reasons.

Yelan quickly became a fan favourite the moment she was announced

The next is Kuki, a ninja who acts as second behind Arataki Itto in their Inazuma gang. We’ve not seen anything about this character in game, however since they also had their art revealed alongside Yelan, a character likely to pop up in 2.7, it’s a safe bet to assume they’ll also show up.

However, these aren’t strictly confirmed. While historically characters revealed in the same way Yelan and Kuki have been tend to show up in the following update, take it with a pinch of salt.

Genshin Impact Version 2.7: New content

There’s been no tease whatsoever into what we can expect from Genshin Impact version 2/7 content-wise. However, it’s clear we’re still not quite done with The Chasm following the conclusion of 2.6’s narrative, so our money is one returning to the depths and exploring the cavernous ruins further.

That wraps up our guide on everything we know about Genshin Impact version 2.7! For more Genshin Impact guides, check out our Genshin Impact Free Primogems and Mora codes page for May, as well as our recent report on the Switch version of Genshin Impact still being in development.

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