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New Genshin Impact characters Yelan and Kuki have been revealed

An electrifying ninja and stylish hydro character are the latest primo gem sink we'll be rolling for in the near future.

Two new characters have been revealed today via the Genshin Impact official Twitter account. This time around, players of the hugely popular RPG are getting a first look at a new Hydro character with Yelan, and the electro Kuki Shinobu.

We currently don’t know when we’re due to see these characters in game, as upcoming characters are usually revealed via art on social media long before they’re actually added into the game, but nonetheless it’s clear that we’re not quite done with Inazuma characters just yet.

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Let's start with Yelan, the character we know the least about as of this moment. Apparently working for the Ministry of Civil Affairs in Inazuma, which makes it even stranger that we didn’t see them pop up during the main story quest. That being said, Yelan has a slick design and looks a tad different from the typical design you’d usually see from Inazuma characters. Special shout out goes to that nice coat she’s wearing, which is pretty rad I won’t lie.

Then we have Kuki! A part of the Arataki gang and second in command behind Arataki Itto himself, they join the hefty collection of electro characters introduced during our journey through Inazuma, although with that ninja aesthetic they absolutely bring a look that’s been largely nonexistent up until this point.

Now, while we don’t know for certain when these two characters will be landing in the game, we can make an educated guess. With version 2.6 coming in just a few days, this pair is likely to grace our screens in version 2.7 which’ll land sometime in July most likely. This would be the first indication on what we could expect in that update, but since they’re still Inazuma based we can assume that we'll not be leaving the islands just yet.

For more Genshin Impact info, we’ve got a full rundown on what you can expect in Genshin Impact version 2.6 which lands March 30. In addition, if you want to get into this new update as soon as possible, we have a detailed Genshin Impact version 2.6 release time guide here.

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