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Genshin Impact version 2.5 livestream coming this Friday, according to leakers

Following numerous leaks covering new characters and maybe even a new boss fight, the official reveal may be just around the corner.

Just as the Lantern Rite Festival is nearing its conclusion, Genshin Impact players are due even more reasons to set off some fireworks. According to reputable leakers within the Genshin Impact community, the official livestream for the version 2.5 update is due this Friday, February 4.

The timing matches up to what we’d expect! With the second and final wave of wish banners coming to an end in only a few days, a look into what’s next is due any day now. What we can expect from the new version is still very much a mystery, although we can look to the massive community of Genshin Impact leakers for a good idea.

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Before we get too far into it, any sneak peaks we do get are from unofficial sources, so take it all with a grain of salt regardless of the track record of any of the following leakers. Also, if you’re concerned with spoilers it’s likely your best bet to hunker down and tune in to the official stream coming soon.

The first and most well known inclusion coming to version 2.5 is of course Yae Miko! We reported on early footage of this story-critical character being released into the wild almost a full month ago, and ever since more and more info has been bubbling around on the internet. Yae Miko’s inclusion in the next big update is as close to confirmed as you can get without an official word on the matter.

There’s also screenshots and footage of a new boss encounter with the Raiden Shogun, but amped up all the way to eleven. We won’t show those leaks here, but if this is due to appear in the latest update then our excitement levels are through the roof.

Aside from that, there’s not much word on what to expect, official or otherwise! It’s clear we’ll have to wait and see the full extent of the update via the livestream February 4.

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