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Genshin Impact Wonderous Shadows Puzzle Solutions - How do I solve Lantern Riddles?

Struggling to solve the shadow puzzles or just want to clear them all quickly? This guide will take you through each one.

If you’ve been enjoying the Latnern Rite festival taking place in Genshin Impact right now, you’ll likely have come across one of the events - Wondrous Shadows. Located on the docks of Liyue, this small minigame presents you as the player with a selection of shadow puzzles, which provide event currency and other rewards when solved.

This guide will take you through each and every shadow puzzle as they come out, showing you the solution so you can skip all the head scratching moments and quickly collect the precious prizes.

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Bear in mind that not all puzzles are released immediately, so be sure to check back here after a few days to see updated salutations for newly released shadow puzzles.

Genshin Impact Lantern Rite - How to solve the shadow puzzles

The aim of this game is to spin the wooden sculpture around so that a clear image is viewable on the wall behind it. You do this by rotating the wooden sculpture both vertically and horizontally. As you do, keep an eye on the metre at the bottom right of the screen, as it will fill up as your get closer and closer to the correct orientation.

Once you’ve moved the wooden sculpture to the correct position, the puzzle should complete and the object you were trying to find will appear on your screen, alongside your completion time.

Your reward for completing this puzzle? Primo gems, mora, and event tokens that can be redeemed for a variety of prizes in the event store.

We’ve got all the puzzle solutions below, so if you’re struggling to find the answer you can have a gander to see what you’re trying to make.

Genshin Impact - Lantern riddle 1 solution

For this puzzle, you’re trying to create the circular base of the lantern, then rotate it so this large portion is on the bottom.

Genshin Impact - Lantern riddle 2 solution

For this puzzle, you’re trying to create a boat! This is easiest when you aim to create the body of the ship, then you can rotate it horizontally so the shadow fits together smoothly, before spinning it the right way up.

Genshin Impact - Lantern riddle 3 solution

This lantern is a bird! Keep rotating it until you can start to see the two wings start to form, then adjust slightly horizontally until both sides are symmetrical. Once you’ve done that, spin until the bird is the right way up.

Genshin Impact - Lantern riddle 4 solution

This puzzle introduces another feature to the mini-game - multiple segments! So to solve it, we’ll go through segment by segment until everything fits. In this puzzle, you’re trying to create a mountain sigil. Start by rotating the shadow until the two L-shaped blocks are placed parallel on the top and bottom of the shadow. Refer below for exact placement.

Once you’ve made it to this position, switch to the second segment and move it upwards to fit closely with the rest of the shadow. Once you do, the puzzle will be completed.

Genshin Impact - Lantern riddle 5 solution

For this puzzle, you’ll be aiming to create scales through two segments. Start by rotating the structure until there’s a clear pillar going up the middle of the shadow - ignore the collection of bricks spread across the shadow for now. You’ll know you've got this stage right when you can clearly see the main central pillar of the scales, as below.

From here, switch to segment two which allows you to rotate the bricks. Simply flip them vertically until the two scales form, and the puzzle will complete!

Genshin Impact - Lantern riddle 6 solution

This puzzle features Mora as the image you’re searching for. Starting off the puzzle, ignore the right side of the shadow - as this is entirely made up of the second segment. Start by shifting the first segment left, and you’ll start to see the mora symbol form. Then adjust it slightly upwards until the left sie of the shadow is clear. For an example of how this looks, see the image below:

From here, switch to the second segment. Aim to create a clear outer ring to the Mora symbol, and you may be able to quickly snap the shadow into place and complete the puzzle. If it’s still not fitting quite rite, try flipping segment two all the way around, you’ll know this is the right thing to do if the bar in the bottom left will start to fill up!

Genshin Impact - Lantern riddle 7 solution

From this point onwards, these puzzles start to get tricky. Puzzle 7 and beyond all contain three separate segments to rotate, bumping up the complexity for each puzzle considerably.

For puzzle 7, you're trying to create a deer head. Start by rotating the first segment until you can make out the antlers facing upwards, while the fur is facing down.

Then, switch over to segment two and rotate it until the shadow shows the antlers facing upwards just like before. At the bottom, you'll see two small outcroppings on each side. These are ears, and now is a good opportunity to adjust the segment slightly so the round bottom half of the ears are fully connected to the longer strip that sits just above them. See the image below for reference.

Finally, swap over to Full Image and rotate both structures until their shadows meet in the centre! You'll likely find that small adjustments here and there are needed to properly finish the puzzle (usually it's the ears that are progress blockers here), so fiddle around while keeping an eye on the progress bar to complete it.

Genshin Impact - Lantern riddle 8 solution

For this puzzle, you're making a lovely flower! We actually recommend starting with segment two here, as that contains the stem of the flower and acts as a great reference point for the rest of the puzzle if positioned correctly straight away!

Rorate segment two until all of the lines coming off it are uniform and not splitting off into different directions. Then, make sure the longest line - the stem - is turning towards the right corner of the screen.

From here, switch back to segment 1 and rotate it so the head of the flower is clearly seeable. While doing so, try and make sure all the petals are connected together and not split, as that will save time later.

Then, as the final major step, switch over to the full image and pull the two halves together in the centre. If you're lucky or have an itch for detail, the puzzle should complete immediately. If not, tinker around with each individual segment to make sure the petals and stems are all aligned correctly.

Genshin Impact - Lantern riddle 9 solution

For the final puzzle of the year, you need to create a crane with across three segments and a full image option, making it the most complicated puzzle of the selection. Start with segment 1 and rotate it until the head of the crane is clearly visible. try and position it so the beak is facing directly to the right, as doing so now will save you from doing so later when things are all connected and more complicated.

From here, move onto segment 2. This is the body of the crane, so be sure to rotate the shadow around so the different pieces form one bulky form. Once it's a single piece - don't worry too much about gaps in the centre as these don't matter too much - rotate is so the thinner end (the tail) is facing the left while the body is facing the crane's head.

The final segment is a fussy one, as it's hard to tell which direction the spindly leg should be facing. To start, make sure the leg is one singular think line, with the side that branches out (the feet) facing the ground! Once you've done so, adjust the feet so the shorter toe is on the left side, while the longer toe are facing the crane head. If you can't quite tell which toes are which, the leg joint should be facing backwards, kind of like if a human leg had it's knees the wrong way round.

Finally, select the Full Image option and spin the piece so all shadows come together and BAM! You should have now finished the final puzzle of the Lantern Rite Festival. To celebrate, head on over to the rewards tab on the puzzle selection section and cash in those primo gems. You deserve them.

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