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Best Klee Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Looking to make the most out of Klee this update? Here's the best team comp for you!

Klee is an excellent character in Genshin Impact. Widely believed to be a brilliant ranged main DPS, they have a permanent place in many a Genshin Impact team comp alongside others who can trigger elemental reactions quickly. However, that doesn’t mean you should use any and all random adventurers in your Klee party?. Klee performs at her best when partnered up with certain other characters, especially with a fine-tuned build!

To help you create this perfect Klee team comp in Genshin Impact, we’ve created this short guide recommending certain characters for both paid and free-to-players out there!

What is the best Klee team comp?

Klee in the library in Genshin Impact
As a Klee player, you'll want to start searching for this ideal characters asap.

The best comps for Klee rely on a custom combination of characters that allow for consistent elemental reaction and damage output. We recommend using::

  • Main DPS: Klee
  • Sub DPS: Venti
  • Battery: Bennet
  • Support: Diona

Venti is all about spreading pyro damage around with their elemental burst, as they are able to group enemies up often in fights. As such, whenever you’re looking to cash out a lot of damage with an elemental reaction, make sure you switch over to Venti to make sure everything is positioned perfectly to maximise damage. They also do a decent amount of damage on their own too, which is nice!

As for a battery character, there’s few better than Bennet. They’re able to generate elemental orbs at an incredibly fast rate compared to other characters in the game which means you’ll be able to activate your skills more often than usual. Also, as the second pyro character in this comp, they provide the pyro elemental resonance effect, boosting overall pyro damage you deal..

Finally, Diona is your healer / shield generator who is also able to trigger melt elemental reactions. This is crucial, as it sets up Klee to deal huge damage to enemies. As such, rather than leaving Diona on the backline until you need some restoration, you’ll be swapping over often to keep the melt procs coming..

What is the best Klee f2p team comp?

Klee from Genshin Impact catching fish
Fish up some old faithfuls for this f2p-friendly comp

If you’ve not got an horde of characters sitting on your account, or a pile of primogems kept offshore, you can still create a cheap team that can bring the best out of Klee in-game.:

  • Main DPS: Klee
  • Sub DPS: Kaeya
  • Support: Amber
  • Support: Barbara

Kaeya stands out as a brilliant value pick in this comp. Not only are they free for all players, they generate a ridiculous amount of elemental energy with their elemental skill, which recharges incredibly fast. As such, you can quickly apply cryo to enemies, then switch over to Klee for that Melt payout.

Amber is notoriously not super great, sadly. However, they’re free, and provide some useful traits to this comp. For one, they can group enemies up with her elemental skill which can prove useful every now and again. In addition, alongside Klee they provide the Pyro elemental resonance, boosting Klee’s damage considerably.

Finally, it’s Barbara. The basic healer all players receive as they play, Baraba provides average healing to your team quick enough for it to work out more often or not. In this comp, you can choose to freeze troublesome enemies with Kaeya if you need to, but for the most part you’re looking to use Baraba as a healing dispenser./p>

That concludes our Best Klee team comp for Genshin Impact guide! For more Genshin Impact stuff, check out our best Heizou build for the version 2.8 patch, as well as our news piece on the Harbingers teaser trailer hitting top of YouTube trending.

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