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Genshin Impact teaser trailer soars to top of YouTube Trending with almost 6 million views in a single day

A sign of the teaser's importance to the community and the game's popularity.

The recently released Genshin Impact ‘A Winter Night’s Lazzo’ teaser trailer, one which features all members of the Fatui Harbingers and stands out as one of the biggest lore reveals for the gacha action RPG ever, has soared to the top of YouTube’s trending page. In only a day, the short video has brought in almost 6 million views.

While it was clear the video had a massive impact on Genshin Impact hubs such as the Reddit and official Discord, with many members speculating and enjoying the day-one excitement such reveals produce, the mainstream impact such a release had on the internet’s most popular video platform goes to show the continued popularity of the game.

Watch the trailer yourself here. Add on to that number!

The video also stands out as the most upvoted Genshin Impact video of all time, soaring past the Raiden Shogun reveal trailer released all the way back in August 2021. As it stands right now, the video has 682,000 upvotes, which is an absurdly high view-to-upvote indicative of a very excited playerbase of Genshin fiends.

Does this mean that the Genshin community has grown considerably in just a year? There’s no official figure we can pick apart, but we can refer to some 3rd party websites (with a grain of salt) for a general idea of the game’s popularity. According to, the game has seen upwards of 62 million players in the last 30 days, a massive increase over the (admittedly still enormous) 47 million monthly players in August 2021 when the aforementioned Raiden Shogun video was released.

As such, it’s no wonder why the recently released Fatui Harbingers teaser drew such high viewership figures, even if it means nothing to a Genshin layman.

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