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Genshin Impact: New Dendro and Sumeru characters officially revealed!

Early this morning, sneak peaks at Genshin 3.0 characters have been thrown out in the wild.

The looming shadow of Genshin Impact’s massive 3.0 expansion is hard to ignore as a fan of the gacha action RPG - with a vast new region and a gaggle of exciting new characters nearly on our computers, consoles, and phones. This morning, the hype levels for this highly-anticipated update just went through the roof - as Tighnari, Collei, and Dori have all been revealed.

This information comes officially via Genshin Impact social media platforms - with character art and brief background info being let loose on the internet for the hordes of Genshin fans and stans to stare slack-jawed at.

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The first character shown off was Tighnari - a Dendro character with fox ears that is set up as an “Avidya Forest Watcher” - and wrapped in some rad hot-weather attire and bright flowers. This is the first Dendro character we’ve seen announced - an elemental type that we’ve not been able to use up until the introduction of Sumeru and the 3.0 update.

Then we’ve got Collei - another resident of the Avidya Forest and Dendro character. While the weapon type available to Tighnari isn’t too clear, we see Collei packing a sweet bow that points pretty clearly to the type of play style she’ll be bringing to your roster. These two characters in tandem set up the first around Sumeru as a major component of the region.

Stepping away from the woods, we’ve got our third and final reveal in Dori! An electro character - this merchant parades around in regal purple attire and borderline disco shades that fit the weather. We’ve not got much of a clue what weapon they’ll use either, but with Magicae Lucerna being attached to their reveal post - a small amount of latin translation hints that a catalyst may be the best fit.

We’ve yet to find out when exactly we’ll be able to explore this newfound part of the Genshin Impact world and meet these characters ourselves - but with Genshin Impact 2.8 nearly here and so much info regarding the expansion coming out, we don’t expect it to be too far away!

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