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Genshin Impact - how to unlock all hidden enkanomiya islands

There's more to Enkanomiya that meets the eye. Here's how to step foot on all the obscure islands!

Once you complete the main quest taking you through Enkanomiya in the new Genshin Impact update, you might be scratching your head at all the empty space on your newly unlocked world map? Your instincts are right - you haven’t fully explored these mysterious underground caverns quite yet.

This guide will take you through all the hidden islands dotted around Enkanomiya, as well as how to travel to each and every one!

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Genshin Impact - Where is the Hidden island?

There’s actually a totally hidden island that will never show up on the map regardless of what you do. To access this mysterious island, jump to the small piece of land between The Narrows and Dainichi Mikoshi.

At the top left of this small islet, you’ll see a water gate (like Inazuma phase gates) you can jump into. Take this water gate, and you’ll be taken directly to the hidden island.

This island has a world quest for you to do, as well as two key sigils for you to pick up. As such, make sure you pop by once you’ve wrapped up the main plot of Enkanomiya.

Genshin Impact - where is Yachimatahiko’s, Yachimatahime’s, and Kunado’s Locus?

Head to The Serpent’s Heart while the Damachi Mikoshi is turned off, and walk over to the location shown in the screenshot below to find a world quest. This quest, Erebos’ Secret, will immediately unlock all three of these islands once you pick it up, raising them from the mists allowing you to travel directly to them with ease.

These islands don’t only exist for the sake of these quests, they’re also filled with numerous treasures and sigils, so be sure to grab this as soon as you’ve wrapped up the main Enkanomiya quest!

With this information, you’ll now be free to roam across the entirety of Enkanomiya unmarred by those haunting empty spots causing you grief. Go forth and explore to your hearts content! For more Genshin Impact guides for the recent 2.4 update, check out our Glaze Lily farming guide, as well as our constantly updated free Primo Gems codes page.

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