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Genshin Impact Sacrificial Offering | How to Destroy the Barrier

The Genshin Impact destroy the barrier quest is an important part of the Sacrificial Offering chain.

It’s also where you learn how to undertake the Sacred Sakura Cleansing ritual, which you’ll need to unlock Inazuma’s underwater Domain. If you don’t have the Memento Lens already, however, make sure you grab that first.

Genshin Impact Destroy the Barrier | Sky Kitsune answers

With Memento Lens in hand, go back to the Abandoned Shrine and use the Lens on the earth kitsune statues. Paimon gives you clues about what to say when you’re finished, but don’t worry if you forget them. We’ll cover that next.

Scan every Earth Kitsune in the area until the quest objective changes. Then interact with the Sky Kitsune statue (the larger fox statue) at the Abandoned Shrine. You need to choose the correct phrases, which are:

  • In the name of Narukami’s envoy
  • And of the Haukshin bloodline
  • Bring forth the fried tofu!

Genshin Impact destroy the barrier | Sacrificial Offering

Head to the location shown on the map below, and use the Rust Worn Key obtained in the Konda Well quest to open the gate. Once inside, you’ll need to work with another Tori puzzle and set the correct number of markings over each lantern.

The glowing flower in the room’s center tells you how to mark each lantern.

  • The initial lantern should have one mark
  • The lantern directly in front of it should have two marks
  • The other lanterns should have three marks each

Setting them up correctly causes a Mysterious Samurai mini-boss to appear. Take it out to finish Sacrificial Offering quest and start the next task of finishing three Sacred Sakura Cleansing rituals.

One of those is on your way to finding Genshin Impact’s underwater Domain, the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates. The Perpetual Mechanical Array is there too, if you wanted to grab some Ascension materials for Kamisato Ayaka while you’re at it.

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