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Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations and farming tips

Smack a turtle, get a rock

Finding Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations is easier than a glance at the Teyvat interactive map might make it seem. Once you’re familiar with Chenyu Vale’s layout, you can essentially just follow one of its major rivers, climb a mountain, and take a quick detour underground.

You need Clearwater Jade for Xianyun’s ascension materials, though she’s the only one who needs it as of the version 4.4 update.

Our Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations guide points out where to find Clearwater Jade and recommends some easy farming routes.

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade

You can buy five Clearwater Jade from a merchnat in Yilong Wharf, but for the rest, you've got some legwork to do.

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations - Teatree Slope

Teatree Slope has a few Clearwater Jade clusters on the island's north, eastern, and south sides. They're out in the open - no underground antics here - and most of them are on the shells of those tortoise-like creatures.

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations - Yaodie Valley

Most of the Yaodie's jade lines the river, though the yield is slightly lower. Most clumps come from standalone jade crystals, and they give up one, sometimes two, stacks of jade each. The interactive map shows a jade node underground in the east, but I couldn't find it. The others are in a cave behind a miasma wall that's guarded by strong Hilichurl enemies.

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations - Mt Xuanlian

Mt Xuanlian has a few Clearwater Jade as well, west of the waypoint marker where the river meets its end.

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations - Chizang Wall

The Chizang Wall Clearwater Jade are scattered around the mountain and under it. The entrance to the underground is pretty big here and hard to miss. The jade nodes are at the back of the cave, so you can just run in, grab them, and leave.

The one to the right of the southern waypoint, pictured above, is easy to miss. It's immediately to the east of the waypoint, down a small drop, behind a rock cluster above the waterfall.

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade locations - Mt Lingmeng

These are a bit more involved, at least initially. The batch under the waypoint is in a little tunnel full of slimes. Two jade tortoises are in a Hilichurl camp on the river's northern edge, and there's another small cluster of Clearwater Jade on the shore opposite Yilong Wharf.

The cluster under the river only becomes accessible after completing a world quest - which, as of publication, we haven't done yet - and the jade to the far north are tied to a little side story.

Approach the stone tablet, and read what's there. Paimon recommends throwing in some raw meat, but you can't actually do it at that spot. Climb the little hill, chuck some meat - any meat will do - and a large Jade Tortoise appears with several clusters of Clearwater Jade on their back. The tortoise will just be there the next time you go Clearwater Jade farming, so there's no need to toss meat in every time.

Genshin Impact Clearwater Jade farming tips

A good Clearwater Jade farming route is pretty much just going through the south of Chenyu Vale in a half circle. Start from Teatree Slope's waypoint, and scoop up all the jade before either heading south to Yaodie Valley or using the teleport waypoint.

Enter the miasma cave west of the waypoint, then carry on south to the mountain. After getting the last Yaodie Clearwater Jade, use the Xuanlian waypoint to reach the next set of jade quickly.

Grab that Clearwater Jade, and teleport to the south Chizang Wall waypoint to get the jade there. Teleport to the Statue of the Seven there, grab the Clearwater Jade to the north, teleport back, and drop down to enter the cave and get the jade inside using the carp devices to move quickly.

Head to the Mt Lingmeng waypoints, and gather up the remaining Clearwater Jade.

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