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Genshin Impact brings back Hu Tao and Thoma in new banner

Those looking for another chance to grab Genshin Impact's very own funeral parlour director are getting another chance!

The Moment of Bloom and Epitome Invocation banners have landed today in Genshin Impact containing both exciting rare characters and new weapons for players to pick up. The star of the show this time around is Hu Tao, director of the Wangshen Funeral Parlor, who hasn’t been available in banners since March. Alongside Hu Tao comes Thoma, a main character in the Inazuma storyline and making their first appearance in a banner event. For those who grew to love Thoma during their travels, this is the first opportunity to get them.

That's not all! Side characters Diona and Sayu also make a return in the with boosted drop chances in the Moment of Bloom banner, so if you missed them in a previous event you’ve got another chance to add them to your collection.

Don’t shy away from the weapon banner this time around, as it’s packing brilliant 5-star weapons for a range of characters. The 5-star polearm Staff of Homa is a brilliant weapon for weapons like Hu Tao, Xiao, and Rosaria. On the other hand, Elegy for the End is a dead good support weapon for ranged characters like Amber and Venti who excel in supporting your main DPS characters.

Other weapons featured are all decent support weapons thanks to high energy-recharge stats, so if you’re looking to slightly boost the performance of your favourite support characters it might be worth popping a few wishes on this banner.

You only have 20 days - until November 23 - to roll for the characters and weapons you want, so don’t wait if there’s something featured in the event that’s up your alley. Just don’t break the bank, please?

If you want to read more Genshin Impact goodness, we’ve got a guide on the ongoing BBQ web event, as well as character builds such as this wonderful Sayu build!

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