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Fortnite telescope locations and how to collect telescope parts

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Finding the Fortnite telescope locations is a straightforward task as long as you know where to look, and the three you need for this timed quest just so happen to be clustered together.

Unlike most Fortnite seasonal quests, the “destroy and collect telescope parts” challenge is only around for a week. If you want the 25,000 XP it rewards you with upon completion, you’ll need to act fast.

Fortnite telescope locations

We’ve found eight telescope locations scattered around the map so far. They’re always connected to one of the 7 Outposts, though your best bet for clearing this challenge quickly and safely is focusing on the northeast part of the map, near Sanctuary. There are three telescopes clustered here, two in Sanctuary and one in the Outpost northeast of the Daily Bugle.

There hasn’t been extensive interest in the area as yet, so you should be safe to nab all three telescope parts. At the very least, it’s safer than trying to trek across the entire map to find telescopes near Shifty Shafts or by Greasy Grove.

The Outposts are hard to miss and have at least two large domed buildings. Once you’re in the area, keep an eye on the mini-map. An exclamation icon will appear, marking areas of interest. Some have multiple objects to interact with, so it might take a few tries to find the actual telescope.

They’re small, but fairly hard to miss thanks to the glowing blue halo that surrounds them.

How to harvest telescope parts in Fortnite

You’ll get telescope parts the same way you gather any other material: using your Harvesting Tool or shooting it. Most telescopes have two or three parts to collect, though some also seem to be bugged. The one I destroyed in northern Sanctuary exploded into more than a dozen pieces. If that happens, you’ll need to collect them all for it to count towards clearing the challenge.

That’s it for how to destroy and collect telescope parts in Fortnite, but make sure not to neglect your other seasonal challenges. Harvest stone at Shifty Shafts is an easy one, but while you’re in Sanctuary, you can pick up the Device and take care of some signal jammers to earn even more XP. It won’t bring back the old Loot Llama, but it’s something at least.

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