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Fortnite players are desperate for the old Loot Llamas back

Rather than chasing after their loot, some of the Fortnite community long for the old days

Here’s a question for all you Fortnite players out there, what do you think of the Loot Llamas? These illusive packages of supplies have long been a staple of the battle royale shooter, and have gone through their own vast collection of changes over the years. Now, as we’ve arrived on a whole new island, a portion of the playerbase long for the llamas of the past.

A bit of background for those who aren’t aware of the history of the Loot Llama. Right now in game, the Loot Llama is an actual animal that runs away from you if you attempt to break it open for the hoard of treasure it carries around. That wasn’t always the case though, and Fortnite players who’ve been around for a while may remember that they used to be containers you could simply walk up to and open.

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The change to the Loot Llama came with the alien invasion all the way back in Chapter 2 Season 7, and as you can imagine made it much more of a task to pillage the spoils of loot they provide. Now, with Fortnite in its third Chapter, an argument is being made for the old Llamas to come back.

Reddit user Corbinmar’s post on the Fortnite subreddit summarises many of the major issues people have with the current llamas. For some, breaking open the llama before it escapes is too annoying a task to take on, the ammo cost in doing so makes the rewards not worth it, and the noise a player makes in the process often leads to giving away their position.

On the surface, making the Loot Llama an actual challenge to open is a great idea. But with all those downsides, it’s easy to see why some out there would be dissuaded from approaching them. Warzone players out there who played during the Festive Fervor event will be well aware of the noise problem, as Krampus often was a death sentence for his victims (especially in solos).

Now let's balance this argument a little. If you are able to bust open the llama, the rewards can genuinely be what you need to get back into the game - especially if you’ve just come from a firefight that’s depleted a lot of your resources. Players able to trap the llama by building walls around it remove many of the issues they’d otherwise face, making the loot far easier to obtain as long as you have the patience to sneak up on it.

If you look at other battle royales, you can see similar challenges thrown at players looking for great loot. In Apex Legends, Hot Zones have a greater chance of better loot at the start of games but attract many squads, leading to early battles. Back in Verdansk, Warzone players could come across red rooms filled with prizes, but they'd also have to skydive back into the map making them vulnerable to gunfire.

It's clear that the subject of Loot Llamas isn't a simple one to solve, and a solution that makes everyone happy is difficult to come across. So what do you think, should Loot Llamas undergo any changes, or are they perfect as they are? Let us know in the comments!

Over Christmas, Boba fett was added to Fortnite as the latest guest character to make an appearance in the battle royale game. Fortnite is also still blacklisted from the iTunes Store following the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games last year


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