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Where to get Terra Magica in Elden Ring

If you’re looking to increase the damage output of your magic attacks in Elden Ring, you’ll want to get your hands on Terra Magica.

The player stands in front of the sealed Academy Crystal Cave in Elden Ring
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

If you’re a fan of slinging spells in Elden Ring, there are some must-have items that you ought to seek out. One of these is the Terra Magica Spell, which increases the damage of your magic attacks for a limited amount of time, and it's great for both PvE and PvP.

Once you know where to look for Terra Magica, it isn’t all that difficult to get your hands on relatively early on in The Lands Between too. If you need a helping hand, here’s where to get Terra Magica in Elden Ring.

Where to get Terra Magica in Elden Ring

Terra Magica is technically found inside Raya Lucaria Academy in Elden Ring, but you’ll need to make your way through the Academy Crystal Cave to reach the specific spot that it's in.

The location of Terra Magica, which is accessible from Academy Crystal Cave, is marked on the Elden Ring map
Here's where you'll find the entrance to the Academy Crystal Cave. | Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

The Academy Crystal Cave will need two Stonesword Keys to unlock, and can be found to the west of the academy, just behind where Glintstone Dragon Smarag protects the Glintstone Key needed to enter the Academy.

Once you reach the cave, you want to wade through it until you reach the boss room, which will contain two Crystalians. While these bosses are relentless to begin with, they simply need ‘cracking’, and you’ll be able to finish them both off very quickly. As such, we recommend using a Heavy weapon here that can shatter them quickly, as well as some Spirit Ashes to help take some of the aggro.

Once both of them have been felled, you’ll get the Crystal Release Spell. Now, you want to go through the door at the back of the boss arena and take the elevator upwards. You’ll arrive at a tower that you can ascend, and at the very top, you’ll find the Terra Magica Spell inside a chest.

The player faces a chest atop a tower at the Academy of Raya Lucaria, where Terra Magica can be found in Elden Ring
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Terra Magica is a Sorcery that, when used, will produce a sigil that buffs the players magic attacks greatly. This is a must-have for Intelligence builds, and especially those who want to make the most of Elden Ring’s laser beam Spell, Comet Azur.

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