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Where to get Adula’s Moonblade in Elden Ring

With Adula’s Moonblade, you can conjure a huge, Frostbite-inflicting sword in Elden Ring.

The player stands at the Moonlight Altar in Elden Ring
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

When it comes to spellcasting in Elden Ring, there are a few different schools of magic that the Tarnished can focus on: there’s Cold Sorceries, Gravity Magic, Glintstone Sorceries, and more to choose from. All of which have their own pros and cons, and some of which can easily be used alongside another, including Adula’s Moonblade.

As a Cold Sorcery, Adula’s Moonblade is part of a small group of spells capable of inflicting Frostbite, and pairs nicely with Full Moon Sorceries such as Ranni’s Dark Moon (if you have the Memory Slots for them) or weapons such as Ranni’s Dark Moon Greatsword. Snow Witch aside, here’s where to get Adula’s Moonblade in Elden Ring.

Where to get Adula’s Moonblade in Elden Ring

Adula’s Moonblade is a drop from Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring. You’ll need to fight the dragon at the Cathedral of Manus Celes to receive it.

You’ll first run into Glintstone Dragon Adula behind Caria Manor, when you first approach Ranni’s Rise. There isn’t much point fighting her here, as she’ll fly away once she reaches half HP, only to return later - in a different area - with all of her HP intact.

Instead, you want to make your way through Ranni’s rather long questline, which is far from a waste of your time as it takes you to some cool - otherwise inaccessible - areas throughout it. If you’re yet to meet with Ranni or are only halfway the quest, follow our guide to completing Ranni’s questline until you reach the Moonlight Altar, where the Cathedral of Manus Celes is located. This will be towards the very end of the quest.

The location of Glintstone Dragon Adula at the Cathedral of Manus Celes is marked on the Elden Ring map
Glintstone Dragon Adula is able to be defeated when found at Cathedral of Manus Celes. | Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Once you arrive at the Moonlight Altar, you’ll see the Cathedral of Manus Celes straight ahead of you, which is where Ranni’s quest continues (and ultimately concludes). Make your way towards the Cathedral and sure enough, Glintstone Dragon Adula will return to finish off - or start - her fight with you.

Glintstone Dragon Adula functions similarly to other dragons, and is capable of flying, so you can expect her to perform all manner of slams, sweeps, and stomps. We recommend focusing on attacking her legs whenever she is on land, but be careful of her flying up and crashing down on you, or breathing Glintstone flames at you.

The player approaches Glintstone Dragon Adula at Cathedral of Manus Celes in Elden Ring
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

If you have any Spirit Ashes to help you out, you’ll also want to summon these as you approach the dragon, as they can help take some aggro while you whittle away at her HP.

In addition, with Glintstone Dragon Adula being, you know, a Glintstone Dragon, she will be particularly strong against Magic Damage. So, we recommend using all the Physical Damage here that you can, as well as the likes of Bleed or Scarlet Rot if you have the patience to try and pull them off.

Adula's Moonblade is shown in the player inventory in Elden Ring
Image credit: VG247/FromSoftware

Once Glintstone Dragon Adula has been felled, you’ll become the owner of the Adula’s Moonblade Sorcery, which is one of the best Spells in Elden Ring and works nicely with Intelligence builds. It requires 32 Intelligence to use, and upon use, will conjure a huge, frosty sword that performs a sweep attack. This sweep attack also dishes out some cold mist which can inflict Frostbite on foes.

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