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EAFC 24 Best left-backs and right-backs to sign in Career Mode

Whizzing down the wing, here are the best left-backs and right-backs to sign in EAFC 24!

Milan Skriniar asking for the ball in EAFC 24
Image credit: EA Sports/VG247
Update: With the second international break finished, we've corrected the updated ratings of every player and added some new players to the list. These include the young Argentine talent, Valentin Barco, and cheap talents like Kyriani Sabbe and Leandro Morgalla.

In modern football, full-back is one of the most important positions. It's been identified by the world's top coaches as an area of the pitch where you can gain vital advantages and exploit fatal weaknesses. That's why when players are faster, trickier and more capable than ever before, it's essential to play one of the best EAFC 24 left-backs or right-backs in their natural position.

Offensively, they can give you an amazing outlet to progress the ball, using their pace and dribbling ability to enter the opposition's final third and deliver a dangerous cross.

But push too far and you will be left open on defence, so you need a player with enough stamina to track back and win those all-important tackles on the turn-over.

We're constantly updating this page with different players we find when new patches drop or players transfer teams. Check back soon for more picks!

Highest Rated left-backs and right-backs in EAFC 24

  1. Trent Alexander-Arnold - 24 - Liverpool - RB - 86 OVR/88 POT
  2. Andy Robertson - 29 - Liverpool - LB - 86 OVR/86 POT
  3. Joao Cancelo - 29 - Barcelona (Man City) - RB/LB - 86 OVR/86 POT
  4. Theo Hernandez - 25 - AC Milan - LB - 85 OVR/88 POT
  5. Marcos Acuna - 31 - Sevilla - LB - 84 OVR/84 POT
  6. Giovani Di Lorenzo - 29 - Napoli - RB - 85 OVR/85 POT
  7. David Alaba - 31 - Real Madrid - LB - 85 OVR/85 POT
  8. Kieran Trippier - 32 - Newcastle United - RB/LB - 85 OVR/85 POT
  9. Reece James - 23 - Chelsea - RB - 83 OVR/85 POT
  10. Achraf Hakimi - 24 - PSG - RB - 84 OVR/86 POT
  11. Lucas Hernandez - 27 - PSG - LB - 84 OVR/85 POT
  12. Kyle Walker - 33 - Man City - RB - 84 OVR/84 POT
  13. Marcos Llorente - 28 - Atletico Madrid - RB - 84 OVR/84 POT
  14. Alphonso Davies - 22 - Bayern - LB - 83 OVR/88 POT
  15. Jeremie Frimpong - 22 - Leverkusen - RB - 83 OVR/88 POT
  16. Benjamin Pavard - 27 - Inter - RB - 83 OVR/84 POT
  17. Luke Shaw - 27 - Manchester United - LB - 82 OVR/82 POT
  18. Jordi Alba - 34 - Inter Miami - LB - 83 OVR/83 POT
  19. Nahuel Molina - 25 - Atletico Madrid - RB - 82 OVR/85 POT
  20. Noussair Mazraoui - 25 - Bayern - RB - 82 OVR/85 POT

Lower overall, high potential left-backs and right-backs in EAFC 24

  1. Balde - 19 - Barcelona - LB - 81 OVR/89 POT
  2. Josko Gvardiol - 21 - Man City - LB - 82 OVR/88 POT
  3. Nuno Mendes - 21 - PSG - LB - 82 OVR/87 POT
  4. Arnau Martinez - 20 - Girona - RB - 80 OVR/86 POT
  5. Fabiano Parisi - 22 - Fiorentina - LB - 77 OVR/86 POT
  6. Jorrel Hato - 17 - Ajax - LB - 70 OVR/ 87 POT
  7. Mohamed Simakan - 23 - RB Leipzig - RB - 79 OVR/86 POT
  8. Jurrien Timber - 22 - Arsenal - RB - 79 OVR/86 POT
  9. Destiny Udogie - 20 - Spurs - LB - 78 OVR/86 POT
  10. Rico Lewis - 18 - Man City - RB - 74 OVR/87 POT
  11. Juan Foyth - 25 - Villarreal - RB - 80 OVR/84 POT
  12. Lutsharel Geertruida - 22 - RB - Feyenoord - 80 OVR/86 POT
  13. Fran Garcia - 23 - Real Madrid - LB - 78 OVR/85 POT
  14. Malo Gusto - 20 - Chelsea - RB - 76 OVR/85 POT
  15. Wilfried Singo - 22 - Monaco - RB - 76 OVR/84 POT
  16. Milos Kerkez - 19 - Bournemouth - LB - 75 OVR/85 POT
  17. Fresneda - 18 - Sporting - RB - 72 OVR/85 POT
  18. Bjorn Meijer - 20 - Club Brugge - LB - 73 OVR/85 POT
  19. Kyriani Sabbe - 18 - Club Brugge - LB/RB - 66 OVR/84 POT
  20. Quilindschy Hartman - 21 - Feyenoord - LB - 75 OVR/84 POT
  21. Miguel Gutierrez - 21 - Girona - LB - 76 OVR/84 POT
  22. Patrick Dorgu - 18 - Lecce - LB - 65 OVR/83 POT
  23. Max Johnston - 19 - Sturm Graz - RB - 66 OVR/80 POT

Best left-backs and right-backs to sign in EAFC 24 Career Mode

EAFC 24 left-backs

Valentin Barco - 18 - Boca Juniors - £3.6m value - 71 OVR/84 POT

The latest in a very long line of overpowered Career Mode talents from Argentina, Barco is a quick and skillful attacking full back with great dribbling and technicals for his age.

He recently got a solid boost to stamina as well, which is a massive advantage in the left-back spot. He's a solid all-rounder too, which means he won't be a liability as you give him plenty of minutes on the pitch.

Bjorn Meijer - 20 - Club Brugge - £6m value - 73 OVR/85 POT

If you're interested in the more physical style of full back that's popular in some types of teams, Bjorn Meijer is a shining example of the archetype.

At 6ft 3" with good lengthy pace, super strength and decent technical stats for a big man, he could easily be deployed as the ball-playing member of a back three or at the base of midfield.

Balde - 19 - Barcelona - £45m value - 81 OVR/89 POT

One of the breakout stars of the last La Liga season following some brilliant performances, Balde is also one of the best-rated full-backs in EAFC 24 despite being just 19.

However, where in the past he would be a certain starter for Barcelona for a decade or more, with their financial situation where it is in the post-Messi era, can you really say the club letting go of any player is unrealistic?

He’ll be expensive, but if you’re playing as a top team and need a wing back, you can’t do much better than him.

David Raum - 25 - RB Leipzig - £15m value - 78 OVR/82 POT

What he lacks in defensive positioning, David Raum makes up for with very solid stats everywhere else - plus, he’s quite tall with decent strength so that can help make up for poor tackling.

At 25 he still has some potential to grow into, which you can focus directly on the defensive side of his game to turn him into a really strong all-rounder.

Rico Henry - 26 - Brentford - £13m value - 78 OVR/79 POT

Speaking of all-rounders, Rico Henry is lightning quick and slight of build, helping him flash up-and-down the wing with ease. However, he teams this with really good tackling stats for a left-back to position himself as a good player in both offensive and defensive situations.

Ryan Giles - 23 - Luton Town - £5m value - 74 OVR/79 POT

If you’re looking for a similar, but much cheaper alternative to Rico Henry, check out Luton’s Ryan Giles.

He’s quick and agile, but not as strong on the ball as Henry. As a trade-off though he’s much taller, giving him more defensive presence in duels and at corners.

Destiny Udogie - 20 - Spurs - £18.7m value - 77 OVR/86 POT

A Career Mode legend who seemed to come out nowhere with insane potential, Destiny Udogie is almost an insta-buy if you can afford him. Plus you now don’t have to deal with the annoying wrinkle of him being out on loan.

His defending stats need work. But being over 6ft and strong makes up for that somewhat, since he can ease smaller wingers off the ball without fully committing to a tackle. It’s not all about his athleticism though.

Unlike a lot of young full-backs, Udogie actually has decent passing and crossing on the offensive end, so he can add to your attacks without just steadfastly running laps up-and-down the wing while the game happens around him.

Ian Maatsen - 21 - Chelsea - £7.7m value - 74 OVR/83 POT

Ever-present and extremely impressive during Burnley’s Championship-winning season, Ian Maatsen has found himself back at parent club Chelsea, third-choice, with more than £100 million-worth of more experienced talent ahead of him.

Whatever your opinion of Ben Chilwell and Marc Cucurella, you have to agree that makes Maatsen the perfect target for another club to swoop in and grab a real gem.

Rapid-quick, a quality further enhanced by his small frame which makes him loads faster in-game, with good dribbling and stamina and a ton of time to grow.

Nouhou Tolo - 26 - Seattle Sounders - £1.7m value - 71 OVR/72 POT

With amazing pace and unbeatable physical skills, Nouhou Tolo is one of the best one-on-one defenders you can get if you’re playing as a lower league or Road to Glory team.

Obviously, given his low overall, there are some concessions you have to make. Hilariously low passing and dribbling suggest that he’s not the most technically gifted player to ever step onto a pitch, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good addition to your team. Pair him with a tricky winger who can pick up the ball deep or a passing centre-back who can take over possession and bring your team forward.

Quentin Merlin - 21 - Nantes - £5.5m value - 73 OVR/82 POT

A magical defender who’s a total wizard once he’s brought the ball under his spell.

Now that I’ve got that all out of my system in one sentence, we can actually talk about Quentin Merlin’s strengths, which genuinely go beyond his meme potential. While he’s not very quick, he has extremely good passing, crossing and dribbling for his overall rating, making him a solid offensive option for lower league sides or Road to Glory saves.

Anton Donkor - 25 - Braunschweig - £1.2m value - 68 OVR/70 POT

Another great physical defender with great recovery pace and a massive amount of strength, Anton Donkor is great for cleaning up counter attacks, even if he’s not great at starting them himself.

He’s best used in a Road to Glory save where his overpowered pace and physical stats can do the heavy lifting, literally.

Costin Amzar - 20 - FC Dinamo 1948 - £1m value - 64 OVR/79 POT

Good left-backs for teams with tiny budgets are really tough to find because they often just have nothing going for them. However, Costin Amzar actually looks like a decent name to add to your roster.

First up, he’s got 90 pace to contribute both offensively and defensively, as well as mid-70s stamina to do it more consistently than pretty much every full-back at this level. Plus, 60 tackling, dribbling and passing on a 64 rated player isn’t too bad, and at just 19 he’s got lots of time to improve.

EAFC 24 right-backs

Kyriani Sabbe - 18 - Club Brugge - £1.8m value - 66 OVR/84 POT

The perfect Career Mode player who mixes a cheap fee, good starting stats and high potential with positional versatility to get developmental minutes wherever he can slot into your team.

Capable of playing both left-back and right-back naturally, and with passable dribbling, crossing and stamina, Sabbe makes a good addition to most squads.

Leandro Morgalla - 18 - RB Salzburg - £1.7m value - 66 OVR/84 POT

Really cheap, with good starting stats defensively, Leandro Morgalla is better at CB, but can slot in at right-back too thanks to decent pace.

With both the Jockey and Anticipate Playstyles he plays better than even his stats suggest, making him a great candidate to grow with your team in a Road to Glory save.

Jeremie Frimpong - 22 - Leverkusen - £44m value - 83 OVR/88 POT

After playing in Man City’s youth teams since he was just nine years old, Jeremie Frimpong took the Jadon Sancho route to the Bundesliga where he’s already played more than 100 games for Leverkusen.

An Ultimate Team favourite thanks to his extreme pace, as his career progresses his strength, stamina, dribbling and passing just get better and better. It’s easy to see why he’s constantly linked to big Premier League teams.

Arnau Martinez - 20 - Girona - £33.5m value - 80 OVR/87 POT

He might not have many stand out stats, but you have to admit that 80 is a huge overall rating at just 20-years-old.

A top talent with plenty of potential, check out Arnau Martinez if you’re a top side who only wants the best.

Alexander Bah - 25 - Benfica - £19m value - 79 OVR/83 POT

Alexander Bah impressed in Scandinavia during his early career and at Slavia Prague more recently, before taking the next step to become a key part of Benfica’s first-team in Portugal.

Given his work rates, build and physical capability, he looks more than able to make a splash in the top five leagues in EAFC 24, with great stamina to bomb up-and-down the pitch and a 5-star weak foot to slot in on either flank.

Sacha Boey- 22 - Galatasaray - £21.3m value - 79 OVR/84 POT

While we’re talking about physical capabilities, Sacha Boey looks like an incredible defensive full-back with enough speed and strength to stand up to even the hardiest strikers.

Admittedly, he’s limited going forward with average dribbling and poor passing, but given that he’s just 23 there’s still plenty of time to develop that side of his game.

Ferdi Kadioglu - 23 - Fenerbahce - £13.2m value - 77 OVR/83 POT

But if you are looking for an offensive right back, then there’s more to find in Turkiye. At fellow Istanbul club and arch-rivals Fenerbahce, Ferdi Kadioglu is a brilliant dribbler with exceptional stamina to progress attacks down the wing.

The trade-off is that he’s much less defensively focused, with weaker tackling, a smaller build and less strength.

Wilfried Singo - 22 - AS Monaco - £13.5m value - 76 OVR/85 POT

If defensive presence is an issue, look no further than Wilfried Singo, who’s an interesting mix of 6ft 3”, quick and a decent dribbler.

A perfect situation to slot Singo into your team would be if you’re playing with a shorter centre-back like Leonidas Stergiou, Lisandro Martinez or Jurrien Timber. They can progress the ball with better speed and agility from the back while Singo beefs up your aerial prowess on both offensive and defensive corners.

Milan van Ewijk - 22 - Coventry City - £9.4m value - 75 OVR/82 POT

Ultimate Team players will recognise Milan van Ewijk as one of the best silvers from last year, and despite the overall boost taking him out of that category he’s still great in Career Mode.

Super-fast, with great stamina, a good build and age profile, there’s basically no downside here other than a ropey 2-star weak foot.

Alistair Johnson - 24 - Celtic - £7.2m value - 75 OVR/81 POT

For a more defensive option at full-back, Canadian Alistair Johnson is a physical threat with good defensive awareness and tackling for his overall.

So while 2-star skills and weak foot might clue you into the fact he’s not the best technically - although 70 passing and dribbling isn’t awful - he’s the kind of player who will turn in a solid shift all week, every week.

Joe Scally - 20 - Borussia Monchengladbach - £5.1m value - 74 OVR/80 POT

With good pace, stamina and defending for a young player, Joe Scally also has the advantage of being 6ft tall with 78 jumping, meaning he’s less likely to get shrugged off the ball by tough attackers and can do some solid work at corners if your centre-backs or DMs aren’t up to the task.

Hugo Siquet - 21 - Cercle Brugge - £3m value - 70 OVR/80 POT

Listed as a winger in-game but always played at right-back throughout his career, Hugo Siquet is looking to reset his progression after an unsuccessful spell in the Bundesliga.

However, at just 21 his talent is undeniable. With 81 crossing and 79 curve he’s great on a corner and a dangerous deliverer of the ball when teamed with an aerial threat up front.

He’s also got solid pace, stamina and agility, so while he’s not quite the cheap Trent Alexander-Arnold like when he was a couple of ratings higher, there’s still plenty of time for him to grow into that role again.

Brian Plat - 23 - FC Volendam - £1m value - 65 OVR/71 POT

When you’re working with a small budget you have to make concessions, but with Brian Plat his upside is so huge at such a low overall that you probably won’t mind too much.

At 6ft 3” he’s got 89 sprint speed and 83 strength, as well as 78 stamina, which is incredibly good for a low rated, and relatively young, player.

What’s more, when you consider his overall, 65 standing tackle and 61 awareness and slide tackling are actually very solid.

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