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EAFC 24 Best Midfielders to sign in Career Mode

Including CAMs, CMs and CDMs, here are the best EAFC 24 midfielders to add to your squad!

Jude Bellingham, one of the best midfielders in EAFC 24, closing down the ball for Real Madrid against PSG
Image credit: EA Sports/VG247
Update: There are so many different midfield options in EAFC 24 compared to previous games that it's tough to work out who's worth the investment. We've added some new players to the list, including Morten Frendrup, Pablo Barrios and Bilal El Khannouss.

In EAFC 24, the best midfielders are more powerful than ever, with the skill sets of more archetypes of players viably represented within the meta.

In past FIFA games, CAMs who were technical dribblers were useless if they weren't fast. But now, since talented ball-carriers with good ball control are much better at keeping possession, players who aren't as physically dominant can shine.

However, when it comes to defending, the best CDMs in EAFC 24 are still incredible athletes. They either need enough strength to ease more explosive players off the ball, or be quick and nippy themselves to keep up.

Since the talismanic midfielder is often the captain, there are plenty of big names in the middle of the pitch: Jude Bellingham, Kevin De Bruyne and Martin Odegaard spring to mind. But these are the best midfielders to sign in EAFC 24 Career Mode - lesser known stars who will improve a vast range of teams, not just those at the very top.

We're constantly updating this page with different players we find when new patches drop or players transfer teams. Check back soon for more picks!

Highest Rated Midfielders in EAFC 24

  1. Kevin De Bruyne - 32 - Man City - CM/CAM - 91 OVR/91 POT
  2. Rodri - 27 - Man City - CDM/CM - 89 OVR/91 POT
  3. Casemiro - 31 - Manchester United - CDM - 88 OVR/88 POT
  4. Federico Valverde - 24 - Real Madrid - CM - 88 OVR/92 POT
  5. Bernado Silva - 28 - Man City - CM/CAM - 88 OVR/88 POT
  6. Joshua Kimmich - 28 - Bayern - CDM/CM - 87 OVR/88 POT
  7. Bruno Fernandes - 28 - Manchester United - CAM/CM - 88 OVR/88 POT
  8. Frenkie de Jong - 26 - Barcelona - CM/CDM - 87 OVR/90 POT
  9. Martin Odegaard - 24 - Arsenal - CAM/CM - 87 OVR/90 POT
  10. Luka Modric - 37 - Real Madrid - CM - 87 OVR/87 POT
  11. Jamal Musiala - 20 - Bayern - CAM/CM - 86 OVR/93 POT
  12. Pedri - 20 - Barcelona - CM - 86 OVR/92 POT
  13. Jude Bellingham - 20 - Real Madrid - CM/CAM - 87 OVR/91 POT
  14. Sandro Tonali - 23 - Newcastle United - CDM/CM - 86 OVR/89 POT
  15. Nicolo Barella - 26 - Inter - CM - 86 OVR/88 POT
  16. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic - 28 - Al Hilal - CM/CAM - 86 OVR/86 POT
  17. N'golo Kante - 32 - Al Ittihad - CDM/CM - 86 OVR/86 POT
  18. Ilkay Gundogan - 32 - Barcelona - CM/CDM - 86 OVR/86 POT
  19. Parejo - 34 - Villareal - CM/CDM - 86 OVR/86 POT
  20. Toni Kroos - 33 - Real Madrid - CM/CDM - 86 OVR/86 POT

Lower overall, high potential Midfielders in EAFC 24

  1. Florian Wirtz - 20 - Leverkusen - CAM/CM - 86 OVR/91 POT
  2. Gavi - 18 - Barcelona - CM - 83 OVR/90 POT
  3. Xavi Simons - 20 - RB Leipzig (PSG) - 81 OVR/89 POT
  4. Gabri Veiga - 21 - Al Ahli - CM/CAM - 78 OVR/89 POT
  5. Arda Guler - 18 - Real Madrid - CAM - 77 OVR/88 POT
  6. Warren Zaire-Emery - 17 - PSG - CM/CDM - 78 OVR/90 POT
  7. Fabio Miretti - 19 - Juventus - CM - 75 OVR/88 POT
  8. Oihan Sancet - 23 - Athletic Bilbao - CAM/CM - 81 OVR/87 POT
  9. Ryan Gravenberch - 21 - Liverpool - CM/CAM/CDM - 79 OVR/87 POT
  10. Thiago Almada - 22 - Atlanta United - CAM - 79 OVR/87 POT
  11. Tommaso Baldanzi - 20 - Empoli - CAM - 77 OVR/87 POT
  12. Nicolo Fagioli - 22 - Juventus - CM/CDM - 77 OVR/87 POT
  13. Nicolo Rovella - 21 - Lazio (Juventus) - CM - 77 OVR/86 POT
  14. Fares Chaibi - 20 - Frankfurt - CM - 76 OVR/86 POT
  15. Martin Baturina - 20 - Dinamo Zagreb - CM - 74 OVR/86 POT
  16. Romeo Lavia - 19 - Chelsea - CDM - 73 OVR/86 POT
  17. Stefan Bajcetic - 18 - Liverpool - CDM/CM - 72 OVR/86 POT
  18. Bilal El Khannouss - 19 - Genk - CAM - 73 OVR/87 POT
  19. Simone Pafundi - 17 - Udinese - CAM - 67 OVR/86 POT
  20. Paul Wanner - 17 - Elversberg (Bayern) - CAM - 63 OVR/86 POT

Best EAFC 24 Midfielders to sign in Career Mode

Best CDMs in EAFC 24

Morten Frendrup - 22 - Genoa - £6m value - 73 OVR/82 POT

With great mobility thanks to high starting pace and stamina, Morten Frendrup is a really solid CDM.

Defensively, he plays better than his stats would suggest because of the Intercept and Jockey Playstyles, and +9 starting potential will allow his key stats - most of which are in the mid-70s - to quickly hit over 80.

Boubacar Kamara - 23 - Aston Villa - £25m value - 80 OVR/85 POT

As Boubacar Kamara grows more-and-more into the deep-lying midfield role at the base of Unai Emery’s Aston Villa team, picking him up on a free transfer is looking like truly incredible business.

You won’t get him for free, that’s for certain, but as a young and capable ball-winning midfielder for top teams, Kamara has tons of room to grow into one of the best in the world.

Arthur Vermeeren - 18 - Royal Antwerp - £4m value - 72 OVR/85 POT

A Career Mode staple with sky-high potential, Arthur Vermeeren is the latest Belgian maestro in the middle to come off the production line.

More of a deep-lying playmaker, but with good stats all around given his lower overall rating, his 84 stamina makes him much more usable than a lot of young players.

The only issue is that Royal Antwerp often only have one CDM on their books and won’t sell Vermeeren as a result. To get around this, you either need to give them a random CDM in the edit teams menu, then start your save with “current customised” squads, or approach another one of their players and use the player swap option to give them a CDM you don’t want. That way they’ll actually part with Vermeeren.

Samuele Ricci - 21 - Torino - £13.5m value - 76 OVR/86 POT

While his stats might look a little average at the start of your save, Samuele Ricci has a ton of ratings in the high 70s approaching 80. This, combined with his age, means that with some good performances and quick training he can become an incredible all-rounder with overpowered abilities across the board.

As a defensive player, he also has the useful Jockey playstyle, which lets him track runners trying to burst through the midfield more easily.

Khephren Thuram - 22 - Nice - £23m value - 79 OVR/84 POT

Ultimate Team players know the pure power of Khephren Thuram, son of World Cup winner Lilian Thuram and brother of Inter’s barnstorming forward Marcus, and he’s been one of the first targets in just about everyone’s Career Mode for a few seasons now.

Very tall and therefore surprisingly mobile, with great physical stats and silky passing and dribbling right from the start of your save, he’s got everything you want to play just about any midfield position.

Mohamed Camara - 23 - Monaco - £17.5m value - 78 OVR/84 POT

Very highly-rated in real life for a few years now, Mohamed Camara plays defensive midfield in a similar way to N’golo Kante: explosive pace, incredible stamina, and a clever use of agility and positioning to win the ball rather than raw physical power.

Brilliant when teamed with a taller physical presence, Camara is exceptional at progressing the ball from defence to attack quickly.

Tommaso Pobega - 24 - AC Milan - £10m value - 76 OVR/82 POT

Tommaso Pobega gets your attention for having a humorously similar name to Paul Pogba, sure, but things get really interesting when you take a look at his stats.

With a great build for EAFC 24 at 6ft 2”, he’s another player who has just about every key stat in the high 70s. With some good game-time, that means he can quickly become an all-around beast with over 80 pace, shooting, short passing, dribbling, defending and strength.

Given Milan also have a couple of players ahead of him in their midfield, he’s another insta-buy if he fits your team.

Brendan Sarpong-Wiredu - 23 - Fleetwood - £800k value - 65 OVR/70 POT

Listed as a centre-back in-game, but with CDM in his listed positions, I think that Brendan Sarpong-Wiredu is brilliant further forward.

That’s because as well as 80 pace he has something a lot of defenders lack: 83 stamina. This means he’s actually got the legs to contribute meaningfully in midfield rather than just breaking up play.

Best CMs in EAFC 24

Pablo Barrios - 20 - Atletico Madrid - £14m value - 76 OVR/86 POT

In an injury-hit season for Atletico, Simeone has been handing a lot of minutes to the youngster Pablo Barrios.

He's a technically gifted deep-lying playmaker, with 80 short passing already in his locker. A starting potential growth of +10 means he can raise his abilities to a very strong level, meaning he'd also be an effective CAM.

Quinten Timber - 22 - Feyenoord - £8m value - 74 OVR/83 POT

While his more defensively-minded brother, Jurrien, just got a big move to Arsenal (and was unfortunately immediately injured), Quinten Timber is a baller in the middle of the park and can play pretty much any midfield position.

He's quick with 80 acceleration and 80 agility and has decent dribbling, passing and tackling stats straight away. His starting potential means he has the headroom to be turned into almost any archetype of midfielder, or you can just keep his training on balanced to make him an all-round beast.

Denis Zakaria & Renato Sanches - Both 26 - Monaco & Roma - £16m value - 79 OVR/82 POT & 78 OVR/81 POT

No longer young players, but still the most overpowered physical beasts in the base game with ridiculous pace, strength, stamina and the technicals to match.

Their potential growth isn’t what it used to be, so they both no longer have the unfair ability to blast all of their key stats above 80 almost instantly by dominating the midfield for a few games.

However, if you can afford them, dynamic potential can still sculpt their overall into something befitting their legendary status in Career Mode. We’ve surely not got much longer until they’re heavily nerfed in future games. Treasure this time together.

Eric Dina Ebimbe - 22 - Eintracht Frankfurt - £7m value - 75 OVR/80 POT

I’ve long been a fan of playing a fast winger in the box-to-box role. In EAFC 24 it’s as viable as ever, and Dina Ebime is one of the best at doing it.

This is because he has great stamina, strength and passing as well as pace, plus he has the added bonus of the Anticipate Playstyle to boost his tackling success.

Fabio Miretti & Nicolo Fagioli - 20 & 22 - Juventus - £11m & £20m value - 75 OVR/88 POT & 77 OVR/87 POT

Breaking through the Juventus academy, and perfectly placed to pick up from the potentially banned Paul Pogba, are a pair of amazing all-round midfielders, Fabio Miretti and Nicolo Fagioli.

Both are equally worth your time and money, with very similar stats and archetypes. Juventus can be persuaded to part with at least one of them, particularly since they also have the brilliant Nicolo Rovella on loan at Lazio for the season.

If it swings your decision, while both of them are listed as natural CMs, Fagioli has CDM in his listed positions, while Miretti has CAM.

If you're looking for Fagioli and can't find him, that's because he was caught up in the same Italian betting scandal as Sandro Tonali and might be removed from your database depending on when you started your save.

Warren Zaire-Emery - 17 - PSG - £11m value - 78 OVR/90 POT

A truly stratospheric rating for a 17 year old, but Warren Zaire-Emery seems to be living up to the hype.

With great passing, dribbling and tackling already, it’s not the most realistic signing, but Warren Zaire-Emery is destined to become one of the world’s best.

Archie Gray - 17 - Leeds United - 65 OVR/84 POT

From one 17-year-old to another, Archie Gray is also a special talent.

Grand-nephew of Leeds United icon Eddie Gray, who starred in Leeds’ legendary team under Don Revie who were revered as one of the best in the world, Archie is a cultured midfielder with a man’s build beyond his years.

What he lacks in stamina at the start of your Career Mode save he makes up for with passing, ball control and dribbling prowess. And at 6ft 2”, he’s not as easily shrugged off the ball as many young players.

Everpresent in Leeds’s midfield so far this season, he’s sure to be upgraded in future patches, so grab him in your Road to Glory save while he’s the cheapest he’ll ever be.

Martin Baturina - 20 - Dinamo Zagreb - £8.5m value - 74 OVR/86 POT

Does a 5ft 8” Croatian midfielder with a super-glue touch and an unmatched eye for a pass remind you of anyone?

Martin Baturina is an incredibly classy midfielder for such a young player with amazing dribbling stats and great passing and stamina. He’s surely on the radar of a ton of top teams, but could be looking for a stepping stone move before he really hits the big time.

Like Modric, his listed position is CM, but can obviously be deployed as a CAM too.

Baba Alhassan - 23 - Hermannstadt - £2m value - 67 OVR/76 POT

Playing in Romania for Hermannstadt, Baba Alhassan has really good physical stats and looks a great fit as a box-to-box midfielder for a host of lower-rated teams.

The standouts are 82 pace, 87 stamina and 84 strength, but at 6ft 2” with 85 jumping he’s a real asset for winning the header from an opposition goal kick and at corners.

Fisayo Dele-Bashiru - 22 - Hatayspor - £1.5m value - 65 OVR/74 POT

For lower-rated teams, Fisayo Dele-Bashiru is a brilliant shuttling midfielder with 81 sprint speed, 81 strength and 77 dribbling - you can’t knock that on 65 overall.

His passing, tackling and stamina are all decent too, so there’s not a lot of downside if you’re working on a smaller budget.

Best CAMs in EAFC 24

Bilal El Khannouss - 19 - Genk - £6m value - 73 OVR/87 POT

The overall and potential of Bilal El Khannouss just keeps going up and up.

With 86 agility, 81 ball control, 80 short passing and 78 dribbling, he's a technical and incisive attacking midfielder.

His high ceiling means you can grow him into a really effective option quite quickly, with enough pace to wiggle through defenses and pick out a pass.

Florian Wirtz - 20 - Leverkusen - £70m value - 85 OVR/91 POT

It feels like he’s been around for ages, so it’s easy to forget that Florian Wirtz is still only 20. In past FIFA games, despite his incredible potential Wirtz’s stats haven’t been brilliant to play with in-game.

In EAFC 24 however, it’s a different story. With a host of super-fun playstyles, amazing dribbling and passing, and, finally, great stamina to last 90 minutes, if you can afford him with one of the best teams in the world, he’s a really solid pickup.

Adam Hlozek - 21 - Leverkusen - £20m value - 77 OVR/85 POT

For a cheaper option from the same team, but much more geared towards physical presence than guile, Adam Hlozek is another long-time Career Mode staple who’s as good in EAFC 24 as they were in FIFA.

Solid ball control, strength and acceleration makes Adam Hlozek a great link-up player, capable of holding the ball up, progressing it and picking out a teammate. But since he’s also able to play as a striker, he also has good enough finishing and headed to get on the end of chances too by arriving late in the box.

Mohamed Kudus - 23 - West Ham - £30m value - 79 OVR/86 POT

Mohamed Kudus is an absolutely dreamy player in-game. He’s lightning-quick, with unplayable dribbling and underrated physicality. The archetypal “iron fist in a velvet glove”.

Train his shooting and you’ll soon have one of the most potent attacking players in EAFC 24. Train anything else and you’ll have an unstoppable assist machine. It’s your choice.

Kudus is also the beneficiary of one of my favourite Playstyles, First Touch, which makes him even better in tight areas and perfectly suited to the CAM role.

Rayan Cherki - 19 - Lyon - £10m value - 75 OVR/86 POT

One of the few natural 5-star skill moves, 5-star weak foot players in EAFC 24, Rayan Cherki is tons of fun in-game, even if virtual football still can’t represent his talents perfectly. For example, in real life he does the classic Santi Cazorla thing where he takes corners and penalties with both feet - something you can’t do in-game.

His raw stats don’t look amazing at first glance, but he has an absolute deluge of passing, dribbling and shooting Play Styles that make him perform past his limits. Plus, if you can focus on completing the shortest possible development plans to train his stamina quickly, he’s great.

Desire Doue - 18 - Rennes - £3.5m value - 71 OVR/86 POT

Rennes incredible ability to produce exceptional talents seemingly knows no bounds. The latest kid to check out is Desire Doue, a CAM with great pace, dribbling and passing for his age.

Again, stamina is an issue here, so he’ll likely be an impact player in the beginning, but at least his speed allows him to actually make an impact.

Arda Guler - 18 - Real Madrid - £18.5m value - 77 OVR/88 POT

Despite being about the third “Turkish Messi” (the streets won’t forget Emre Mor), Arda Guler already looks the real deal thanks to unbelievable passing and dribbling stats for a teenager.

He also has surprisingly good stamina for a player like this, so while a loan would be more realistic in actual terms, grabbing him on a permanent basis in your Road to Glory is a very solid option.

Tom Bischof - 18 - Hoffenheim - £2m value - 66 OVR/86 POT

If you’re working with a lower budget, then Tom Bischof is an affordable option with bags of potential. The trade off is that he doesn’t have any really overpowered abilities from the outset of Career Mode.

However, if you’re in it for the long haul, then he can grow into a capable all-rounder.

Talles Magno - 21 - New York City - £6m value - 73 OVR/84 POT

A super fun natural 5-star skill move player with what the community loves to call the “big hair trait”, Talles Magno is super quick, tall and an elite dribbler at just 21.

Training his passing and shooting to match his ball progression will turn him into a strong asset going forward, where he can already provide an underrated physical presence.

Osame Sahraoui - 22 - Heerenveen - £6m value - 73 OVR/83 POT

Listed as a winger in-game, I think that Osame Sahraoui is perfect for the CAM role in a Road to Glory save thanks to natural 5-star skills, explosive pace and great stamina and agility.

Focus on increasing his passing and shooting and he will be a dangerous attacker.

Simone Pafundi - 17 - Udinese - £2m value - 67 OVR/86 POT

Often touted as a Lorenzo Insigne regen because of his small stature and dribbling ability, Simone Pafundi has 87 agility and 95 balance naturally at just 17 years old.

While his stamina is a big issue, he’s got bags of time to sort it out and he should grow quickly thanks to a high starting potential.

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