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EAFC 24 Best Wingers to sign in Career Mode

Cutting inside to score, here are the best EAFC 24 Wingers to sign for your team!

Federico Valverde watching the ball for Real Madrid in EAFC 24
Image credit: EA Sports/VG247
Update: We've updated the adjusted in-game ratings and potentials of each player based on their real-life form. Then we've also added some new picks, including the tricky Antonio Nusa and, after his classy half-volley against Man United, Roony Bardghji.

Wing wizards are just about the most fun players to control in-game, and the best Wingers in EAFC 24 are a joy to behold.

Whether you're into tricking your opponent with chains of complicated skill moves or more a kick-and-rush kind of player, these are the best hidden gems and underrated talents to add to your squad in Career Mode.

While we've included players that suit a range of teams, all the way from the highest European competition to the smallest budgets, we've highlighted players with lots of potential who will develop over multiple seasons of play.

We're constantly updating this page with different players we find when new patches drop or players transfer teams. Check back soon for more picks!

Highest Rated Wingers in EAFC 24

  1. Kylian Mbappe - 24 - PSG - LW - 91 OVR/94 POT
  2. Vini Jr - 22 - Real Madrid - LW - 89 OVR/94 POT
  3. Mo Salah - 31 - Liverpool - RW - 89 OVR/89 POT
  4. Neymar - 31 - Al Hilal - LW - 89 OVR/89 POT
  5. Heung Min Son - 30 - Spurs - LW - 87 OVR/89 POT
  6. Khvicha Kvaratskhelia - 22 - Napoli - LW/RW - 86 OVR/92 POT
  7. Rafael Leao - 24 - AC Milan - LW - 86 OVR/91 POT
  8. Bukayo Saka - 21 - Arsenal - RW - 86 OVR/90 POT
  9. Ousmane Dembele - 26 - PSG - RW/LW - 86 OVR/87 POT
  10. Riyad Mahrez - 32- Al Ahli - RW - 86 OVR/86 POT
  11. Rodrygo - 22 - Real Madrid - RW/LW - 85 OVR/91 POT
  12. Phil Foden - 23 - Man City - LW/RW - 85 OVR/90 POT
  13. Marcus Rashford - 25 - Manchester United - LW - 85 OVR/88 POT
  14. Diogo Jota - 26 - Liverpool - LW - 85 OVR/86 POT
  15. Domenico Berardi - 28 - Sassuolo - RW - 85 OVR/85 POT
  16. Jack Grealish - 27 - Man City - LW - 85 OVR/85 POT
  17. Gabriel Martinelli - 22 - Arsenal - LW - 84 OVR/88 POT
  18. Gabriel Jesus - 26 - Arsenal - RW - 84 OVR/85 POT
  19. Federico Chiesa - 25 - Juventus - LW/RW - 84 OVR/85 POT
  20. Luis Diaz - 26 - Liverpool - LW - 84 OVR/85 POT

Lower overall, high potential Wingers in EAFC 24

  1. Xavi Simons - 20 - RB Leipzig (PSG) - LW/RW - 81 OVR/89 POT
  2. Ferran Torres - 23 - Barcelona - LW/RW - 82 OVR/88 POT
  3. Ansu Fati - 20 - Brighton (Barcelona) - LW - 78 OVR/88 POT
  4. Arda Guler - 18 - Real Madrid - RW - 77 OVR/88 POT
  5. Alejandro Garnacho - 19 - Manchester United - LW - 74 OVR/87 POT
  6. Jadon Sancho - 23 - Manchester United - LW - 82 OVR/86 POT
  7. Samuel Chukwueze - 24 - AC Milan - RW - 81 OVR/86 POT
  8. Takefusa Kubo - 22 - Real Sociedad - RW - 81 OVR/87 POT
  9. Mohammed Kudus - 22 - West Ham - RW - 80 OVR/86 POT
  10. Rayan Cherki - 19 - Lyon - LW/RW - 75 OVR/86 POT
  11. Johan Bakayoko - 20 - PSV - RW - 76 OVR/87 POT
  12. Arsen Zakharyan - 20 - Real Sociedad - LW/RW - 75 OVR/86 POT
  13. Ernest Nuamah - 19 - Lyon (Molenbeek) - RW - 72 OVR/86 POT
  14. Desire Doue - 18 - Rennes - RW - 71 OVR/86 POT
  15. Carlos Forbs - 19 - Ajax - RW/LW - 72 OVR/86 POT
  16. Roony Bardghji - 17 - Copenhagen - RW - 70 OVR/85 POT
  17. Antonio Nusa - 18 - Club Brugge - LW - 71 OVR/87 POT
  18. Samuel Iling-Junior - 19 - Juventus - LW - 71 OVR/85 POT
  19. Ben Doak - 17 - Liverpool - RW - 63 OVR/85 POT
  20. Marcus Edwards - 24 - Sporting - RW/LW - 80 OVR/85 POT

Best EAFC 24 Wingers to sign in Career Mode

Best Left Wingers in EAFC 24

Antonio Nusa - 18 - Club Brugge - £4.1m value - 71 OVR/87 POT

One of the brightest prospects in EA Sports football games for a while now, Antonio Nusa has poor stamina, but such high starting potential and base stats that you just can't ignore him.

With 80 dribbling already and now the Technical, Flair and Quick Step Playstyles to make him feel even faster and silkier, he's a great impact player or star man for lower-rated teams.

Pedro Goncalves - 25 - Sporting - £34.5m value - 82 OVR/85 POT

A technical wizard in the Bernardo Silva mould, Pedro Goncalves is a brilliant dribbler and deadly finisher with enough stamina to run your attack from start to finish.

Capable of operating out wide or in the middle, he adds some versatility to your squad and has long been linked with a host of top Premier League clubs. Interestingly, he actually started his professional career with Wolves at the height of their connection with super-agent Jorge Mendes, but after returning to Portugal has become one of Sporting’s key players.

EAFC 24 does a much better job of representing the strengths of players like Goncalves, who benefits from multiple passing playstyles and the set piece speciality - a skill you should look to have in every team you build.

Martin Terrier - 26 - Stade Rennais - £25.9m value - 81 OVR/82 POT

Another player who has been constantly linked with a move to the Premier League, Martin Terrier is a solid inside forward who can just about do it all. A big ACL injury at the start of last season damped the interest of the likes of Liverpool, West Ham and pre-relegation Leicester and Leeds, and has put him out of contention for a move both last January and this summer.

However, an injury record isn’t something you really have to contend with in EAFC 24. All that matters is his 85 sprint speed, 85 finishing, 80 dribbling and 80 passing. Terrier is also an underrated asset in the air. At 6ft tall with 86 jumping, he can also steam in on the end of crosses from the opposite wing - especially if you can create a height mismatch against a smaller full-back.

Karim Adeyemi - 21 - Borussia Dortmund - £37m value - 80 OVR/87 POT

If extreme speed and exceptional finishing is something you value in your forwards - and really, who doesn’t - then you should be looking at Karim Adeyemi.

Borussia Dortmund have tons of talent on the wing, so it’s not out of the realistic realms of possibility that they could cash in on Adeyemi if one of the richest clubs in the world came knocking.

96 pace and 80 finishing are a match made in heaven, while he also has one of the acceleration playstyles to really make defenders seem like they’re running through tar. He’s also spent a lot of time through the middle in his career, where 90 jumping makes him a decent hold-up player too.

Jamie Bynoe-Gittens - 19 - Borussia Dortmund - £3.7m value - 71 OVR/86 POT

At the other end of the overall spectrum, Jamie Bynoe-Gittens has made waves both in the Bundesliga and European competition already at just 19, but remains something of a raw talent.

Still, he’s an elite dribbler with tons of potential. In real-life Dortmund know he’s a special player and are keen to reap a similar fee they snagged for Jadon Sancho. However, in EAFC 24 you can pick him up cheaply with a host of clubs you might be managing.

Kamaldeen Sulemana - 21 - Southampton - £8.1m value - 74 OVR/82 POT

Kamaldeen Sulemana only joined Southampton last January, but not even his lightning pace and quality dribbling could stop them from slumping into the Championship. Since then he’s attracted interest from the kind of vultures at the bottom end of the Premier League who try to suck up anyone worthwhile from the teams who slip down the plug hole.

In EAFC 24 though, you can pick him up with just about any team and see a tangible boost, whether that’s from the start as a pacey outlet on the wing, or from the bench as an impact player.

Cade Cowell - 19 - San Jose Earthquakes - £3m value - 69 OVR/83 POT

This kid is an insta-buy in EAFC 24, no questions asked.

His combination of 93 pace, 86 strength, high agility and balance and decent dribbling makes him nigh unstoppable, even from the start of your save. While some players struggle to put down their speed, Cade Cowell feels incredibly quick and despite being a teenager has the build and physicality to mix it with the big boys.

He’s very accessible thanks to his low - and pretty unrepresentative - overall, is pretty much a cheat code for lower league teams, and can definitely do a job as an impact player for even top teams.

Ernest Poku - 19 - AZ Alkmaar - £2m value - 66 OVR/82 POT

A raw physical talent, Ernest Poku is notable because of his huge potential growth, which singles him out as one of the best wingers to pick up for a really long-term Career Mode.

He’s a lot more usable from the start in EAFC 24 than he has been in the past though, with a big boost to stamina giving him a lot more longevity to actually start games.

Jeffinho - 23 - Lyon - £7.2m value - 74 OVR/81 POT

The latest in a long line of Brazilian talents in French football, Jeffinho is a natural 5-star skiller and a lot of fun to play with. This is because of his high agility, ball control and dribbling stats which are all extremely outsized compared to his overall rating.

The problem with a lot of 5-star skillers is a massive lack of physical strength, and Jeffinho suffers here too. However, he’s still got decent stamina to last 90 minutes which is super important given the amount of active time on the ball you will want to give him to make the most of his skill moves.

Rabbi Matondo - 22 - Rangers - £2.1m value - 71 OVR/73 POT

Lightning fast and really explosive, Rabbi Motondo is a great inside forward for lower level teams with solid agility and shot power. Because of this, he’s a really good platform for training up into a special player, particularly if you can push his dribbling or finishing up quickly.

Poor real-life performances however have nerfed his potential into the ground (once upon a time he had mid 80s starting potential). However, like with every player in EAFC nowadays, Dynamic Potential will shoot his rating up if you can score goals with him.

Ricky-Jade Jones - 20 - Peterborough - £1m value - 63 OVR/75 POT

For a lower league team on a smaller budget, Ricky-Jade Jones has long been one of the best pickups.

In EAFC 24 he’s listed as a winger rather than a striker - although it’s still in his listed positions - but that just means he’s got solid stats for most forward-thinking duties. Work on his technical stats and he will take you far!

Arvin Appiah - 22 - Rotherham - £1m value - 64 OVR/74 POT

An age-old issue with low-rated wingers is stamina. Because they have so much ground to cover, many great-looking talents are relegated to the bench because they’re gasping before the hour mark.

That’s what you’re looking at with Arvin Appiah. 90 pace and agility is extremely powerful in the lower leagues, but sub-50 stamina sure isn’t.

Deploy him tactically and make sure you feed him the ball when he comes on to maximise his in-game performance score so that he grows quickly - otherwise he’s purely for impact late on. With that said though, he really can make an impact, and at just 22 he’s got a lot of time for dynamic potential to kick in.

Ruben van Bommel - 19 - AZ Alkmaar - £2m value - 66 OVR/83 POT

Ruben van Bommel is just the kind of tricky winger that his dad, legendary hatchet man and king of the “orange card” Mark van Bommel, would have loved to crush into dust.

Again, poor stamina lets him down as a usable player right from the start of Career Mode, but I’ve included him because he’s an interesting archetype. At 6ft 1” with 70 strength, but still with 85 pace, he’s a bit of a force with decent dribbling and agility.

If you like the connection to his famous father, then there are definitely worse players you can sign.

Best Right Wingers in EAFC 24

Roony Bardghji - 17 - FC Copenhagen - £3.1m value - 70 OVR/85 POT

One of the breakout stars of the Champions League group stage after his last-gasp winner against Manchester United, Bardghji is technically gifted and a lot of fun.

With the Technical, Flair and Trickster Playstyles, he's all about dribbling rather than raw pace like a lot of wingers, but you can develop his physicals nicely thanks to that +15 starting potential.

Carlos Forbs - 19 - Ajax - £4.7m value - 72 OVR/86 POT

For a more traditional pace abuse style, check out Carlos Forbs, who now has the Rapid and Quick Step Playstyles to make things even worse for the opposition.

He's not just pure speed though, with mid-70s dribbling and finishing you can easily hone his end product with a bit of training.

Raphinha - 26 - Barcelona - £42m value - 84 OVR/85 POT

A fan-favourite and relentless attacker whatever club he plays for, Raphinha is an exciting and underrated player who’s a lot of fun to play with in EAFC 24. As an inside forward, he has a ton of useful playstyles including power shot and loads of different dribbling boosts.

He’s reaching his prime years and is a great fit for a ton of top teams.

Donyell Malen - 24 - Borussia Dortmund - £33.5m value - 82 OVR/84 POT

After a tough start to life in the Bundesliga following his move from PSV, Donyell Malen scored a ton of goals after the World Cup break as Dortmund lost out to Bayern on the final day of the season.

This term, he’s off to a flying start, scoring crucial goals to rescue points in hard fought games. In EAFC 24 though, Malen is an amazing all-rounder with 90 pace, 85 dribbling, 80 finishing and 80 passing.

At just 21, with some quick growth those already impressive stats are only going one way, making him an attractive prospect for any team who can afford to prise him away from the Westfalenstadion.

Silas - 24 - Stuttgart - £5.5m value - 74 OVR/80 POT

Wow, the more you look at Silas’s stats, the more confusing his overall rating becomes. Combine that with him being 6ft 2” and a natural 5-star skiller and you’ve got a real player on your hands.

87 pace is only the start, with 84 agility and dribbling (again how is he 74 overall), 78 finishing and 74 strength rounding out his stats into a lethal-looking inside forward.

Malcom - 26 - Al Hilal - £26m value - 81 OVR/82 POT

This is more of a reminder than anything: Malcom is back and accessible in EAFC 24 and is as fun in-game as ever.

Just like Talisca has been a ridiculously good signing for years, bring this guy back to Europe for one last dance if you’re playing for fun rather than just to grow overpowered players.

Takefusa Kubo - 22 - Real Sociedad - £28.9m value - 80 OVR/86 POT

If you’ve watched any of Sociedad this season, you know that Take Kubo means business.

He’s had an excellent goalscoring start to the year after an impressive season last time out following his permanent transfer from Real Madrid. Could this be another Martin Odegaard situation where a really highly-rated young player needed a move away from the Bernabeu to flourish?

Kubo will surely be heavily upgraded throughout the course of the season if he keeps up this form, so grab him early while he’s cheap and forge that trajectory yourself.

Krepin Diatta - 24 - Monaco - £7m value - 75 OVR/80 POT

Massively sought after as a teenager playing in Belgium, Krepin Diatta suffered a big ACL injury after his stepping-stone move to Monaco which has stalled his progress somewhat in real life. However, in EAFC 24 he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Extreme pace, great dribbling and, crucially, really high stamina to become a key player for your team every time you step out onto the pitch, Diatta is a really solid addition to any roster.

Joseph Paintsil - 25 - Genk - £6.5m value - 75 OVR/78 POT

For a realistic signing of a very similar profile, check out Joseph Paintsil playing for Genk in the Belgian league. Heavily linked to relegated teams Leeds and Southampton, he’s a very capable physical winger with 90 pace, 80 dribbling and 80 strength.

Um Won Sang - 24 - Ulsan Hyundai - £4m value - 73 OVR/78 POT

As Celtic and Brighton have shown in the last couple of years, players from Asian leagues are often massively undervalued and you can pick up some real bargains there.

Um Won Sang looks like one of those bargains. On just 73 overall - which makes him a cheap pickup - you’ve got 93 pace, 80 attacking positioning, 80 dribbling and 92 agility. His stamina and strength aren’t awful either, so there doesn’t seem to be a lot of downside here.

Agyemang Diawusie - 25 - Jahn Regensburg - £500k value - 63 OVR/66 POT

For a cheaper option when you’re on a shoestring, there are tons of great physical players in the German lower divisions who you can round out thanks to dynamic potential.

When you’re 63 overall, you can’t argue with 90 pace, 81 agility, 64 dribbling and 67 stamina. Really, Agyemang Diawusie has everything you need for a very cheap fee.

Nestory Irankunda - 17 - Adelaide United - £1m value - 62 OVR/83 POT

We’ve seen Garang Kuol snapped by Newcastle United, but Nestory Irankunda looks set to be one of the next big sales from the A League.

At just 17 he’s got amazing shot power, strength and pace, but the only downside is his piddly stamina - a big yikes at 36. Feed him the ball off the bench to maximise his in-game performance rating and grow his ratings quickly. After all, he’s got a long career ahead of him to improve.

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