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EAFC 24 Best Goalkeepers to sign in Career Mode

A serious shot-stopper between the sticks can make all the difference in EAFC 24 - here are some of the best goalies to sign!

A player trapping the football to pass it to a teammate in EAFC 24
Image credit: EA Sports/VG247

Most of the time while you’re playing EAFC 24, you’re not actually controlling the keeper, so you’re placing your trust in the sometimes unpredictable AI to make the right decisions for you. Because of this, a lot of the perception around who the best goalkeepers are is placebo based on your experiences in-game.

However, the best goalkeeper in EAFC 24 is easily Thibaut Courtois, not just because he’s the highest rated, but because he has a unique body-type which has its own animations. This means he can pull off saves that literally no other player in the game can make.

Alisson, Ederson and Marc-Andre ter Stegen also have unique bodies, but Courtois is the tallest, which also makes him literally the biggest obstacle for your opponents to beat.

When it comes to Career Mode then, you’re picking from the best of the rest. Because all of those established, unique goalkeepers are both extremely expensive and well into their 30s - not the best for a long-term, Road to Glory style save.

But that doesn’t mean you're stuck with a hologram between the sticks. Throughout world football, there are loads of young goalkeepers looking to solidify their status as the next generation of world-class shot-stoppers.

First, we’ll go over the highest rated goalkeepers in EAFC 24 so you know who to slot into your most-competitive squads (and who’s regen to look out for once they retire).

Next, we’ll highlight some of the best goalkeepers with a lower overall, but high potential for growth over a Career Mode spanning multiple seasons.

Then finally, we’ll discuss a few of our picks for the best goalkeepers to sign in EAFC 24 Career Mode.

Highest rated EAFC 24 Goalkeepers

  1. Thibaut Courtois - 31 - Real Madrid - 90 OVR/90 POT
  2. Alisson Becker - 30 - Liverpool - 89 OVR/90 POT
  3. Marc-Andre ter Stegen - 31 - Barcelona - 89 OVR/89 POT
  4. Ederson - 29 - Man City - 88 OVR/89 POT
  5. Jan Oblak - 30 - Atletico Madrid - 88 OVR/88 POT
  6. Gregor Kobel - 25 - Borussia Dortmund - 87 OVR/90 POT
  7. Gigi Donnarumma - 24 - PSG - 87 OVR/90 POT
  8. Mike Maignan - 27 - AC Milan - 87 OVR/ 89 POT
  9. Manuel Neuer - 37 - Bayern - 87 OVR/ 87 POT
  10. Wojciech Szczesny - 33 - Juventus - 86 OVR/ 86 POT
  11. Andre Onana - 27 - Manchester United - 85 OVR/ 86 POT
  12. Yassine Bounou - 32 - Al Hilal - 85 OVR/ 85 POT
  13. Emi Martinez - 30 - Villa - 85 OVR/ 85 POT
  14. Keylor Navas - 36 - PSG - 85 OVR/ 85 POT
  15. Kevin Trapp - 32 - Eintracht Frankfurt - 85 OVR/ 85 POT
  16. Aaron Ramsdale - 25 - Arsenal - 84 OVR/87 POT
  17. Alex Remiro - 28 - Real Sociedad - 84 OVR/ 86 POT
  18. Nick Pope - 31 - Newcastle United - 84 OVR/ 84 POT
  19. Koen Casteels - 31 - Wolfsburg - 84 OVR/ 84 POT
  20. Unai Simon - 26 - Athletic Bilbao - 83 OVR/ 86 POT

Highest potential EAFC 24 Goalkeepers

  1. Diogo Costa - 23 - Porto - 82 OVR/ 88 POT
  2. Marco Carnesecchi - 23 - Bergamo Calcio - 79 OVR/ 87 POT
  3. Guillaume Restes - 18 - Toulouse - 70 OVR/ 87 POT
  4. Giorgi Mamardashvili - 22 - Valencia - 80 OVR/ 86 POT
  5. Bart Verbruggen - 20 - Brighton - 75 OVR/ 85 POT
  6. Anatoliy Trubin - 21 - Benfica - 77 OVR/ 85 POT
  7. Maarten Vandevoordt - 21 - Genk - 75 OVR/ 85 POT
  8. Alex Meret - 26 - Napoli - 83 OVR/ 85 POT
  9. Guglielmo Vicario - 26 - Spurs - 82 OVR/ 85 POT
  10. Lucas Chevalier - 21 - Lille - 78 OVR/ 84 POT
  11. Andrew - 22 - Gil Vicente - 75 OVR/ 84 POT
  12. Elia Caprile - 21 - Empoli (Napoli) - 72 OVR/84 POT
  13. James Trafford - 20 - Burnley - 71 OVR/84 POT
  14. Andre Gomes - 18 - Benfica - 63 OVR/ 84 POT
  15. Dennis Seimen - 17 - Stuttgart - 61 OVR/ 84 POT
  16. Michele Di Gregorio - 25 - Monza - 79 OVR/ 83 POT
  17. Justin Bijlow - 25 - Feyenoord - 78 OVR/ 83 POT
  18. Alban Lafont - 24 - Nantes - 78 OVR/ 83 POT
  19. Yehvann Diouf - 23 - Reims - 77 OVR/ 83 POT
  20. Luiz Junior - 22 - Famalicao - 74 OVR/ 83 POT

Best Goalkeepers to sign in EAFC 24 Career Mode

Guillaume Restes - 18 - Toulouse - 70 OVR/87 POT

While "Magic" Mike Maignan looks set to succeed Hugo Lloris in goal for France over the medium term, there's a bumper crop of exceptional young goalkeeping talents waiting in the wings.

The youngest first-choice goalie in Ligue 1 is Guillaume Restes, who has started every game for Toulouse since the departure of their previous number one following their promotion to the top flight (they're in Europe for spectacularly winning the Coupe de France last year).

Unlike a lot of young keepers, there aren't any lagging attributes in Restes' game to cause major concerns, so you can just leave his development plan on balanced and watch his rating skyrocket. Just remember to run a few completed passes through him to boost his match performance rating in every game.

Lucas Chevalier - 21 - Lille - 78 OVR/84 POT

For a more established option, Lucas Chevalier another super-young number one keeper in France, starting in both Ligue 1 and Europa Conference League for Les Dogues.

With a great starting overall, diving and reflexes, Chevalier is one of the best options for throwing in at the deep end in a upper-to-middle table team and keeping him as your goalie for years to come.

Dennis Seimen - 17 - Stuttgart - 61 OVR/84 POT

Tall and cheap with bags of potential, Dennis Seimen is the signing to make if you're doing a Road to Glory Career Mode and want someone who can mind the net for literally the entire time you're playing.

The compromise you make for affordability is that his positioning is poor. You'll need to try extra hard on defence while he improves or alter his training plan to focus on raising it quickly - otherwise he might do some weird things that cost you points in crucial games.

However, despite this, you can't argue with that starting potential for such a cheap fee.

Julen Agirrezabala - 22 - Athletic Bilbao - 73 OVR/83 POT

Athletic Bilbao are great at producing keepers, even if Kepa didn't quite reach the heights everyone thought he would.

Next off the production line is Julen Agirrezabala, a solid, young and affordable signing for a wide range of teams. Plus, adding him to your roster isn't as unrealistic as some other options. He's currently second choice behind Unai Simon who, despite being just 26 himself, is one of the highest rated goalkeepers in EAFC 24.

It's not out of the realms of possibility then that Agirrezabala could move away in search of regular football, so why not make it your team?

Diogo Costa - 23 - Porto - 82 OVR/88 POT

Until Yassine Bounou moved to Saudi, Diogo Costa was probably the best goalkeeper outside of Europe's top 5 leagues, and even after that it's up for debate.

With good height, exceptional reflexes and even a proper face scan in-game, he's a cut above the rest of the young keepers in EAFC 24, but with a price tag to match.

If you're playing as one of Europe's best teams and find yourself in need of a top-quality goalie who still has a ton of room for improvement, Costa is an excellent candidate who looks primed to take the next step soon.

Giorgi Mamardashvili - 22 - Valencia - 80 OVR/86 POT

Between Mamardashvili and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia at Napoli, Georgia have got two incredible talents at both ends of the pitch. A giant at 6ft 6", with great diving, reflexes and positioning, Mamardashvili is a perfect signing for a host of Premier League or similarly wealthy teams. He's already great now and can only get better.

Marco Carnesecchi - 23 - Bergamo Calcio - 79 OVR/87 POT

Since Atalanta's official licensing isn't in EAFC 24, it only makes sense that you should whisk away their best talents and put them on a proper team, right?

What's more, Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasparini prefers to start the Argentine Juan Musso over Carnesecchi, relegating him to the bench. Stop his starting potential from going to waste and give him the game time he needs to grow into the best version of himself.

Illan Meslier - 24 - Leeds United - 75 OVR/82 POT

The disintegration of Leeds United at the tail-end of Marcelo Bielsa's tenure and the subsequent shambles under Jesse Marsch, Javi Gracia and eventually Big Sam was tough on Illan Meslier. Poor statistics after facing a truly incredible number of shots across two terrible Premier League seasons have seen his starting potential dip, but he's still got great reflexes, a great frame and good Playstyles.

His potential will surely start to rise again as he rebuilds his form in the championship, so snag him for your team while he's still cheap.

Maarten Vandevoordt - 21 - Genk - 75 OVR/85 POT

Maarten Vandevoordt has been a Career Mode staple for a few years now, but in real-life has signed a deal which will see him join RB Leipzig at the end of his contract next year.

With solid stats across the board, it's easy to see why he's been popular for so long; enjoy him as a vaguely realistic signing while he lasts. But to be fair, joining Leipzig will probably only boost his potential higher!

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