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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to cook Crudités and Fish Sandwiches

It’s time for a picnic in Dreamlight Valley.

As you get to know your neighbours in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll soon be sent to rescue Mickey from his house that’s covered in Thorns. Once freeing the jovial mouse, he’ll give you a 101 on cooking and speak about his love of chef Remy; something I can relate to.

Take a look at the Disney Dreamlight Valley gameplay overview trailer here!

After befriending Mickey enough, he’ll eventually task you with whipping up some Crudités and Fish Sandwiches because he’s missing Minnie. Aw. The issue, however, is that you don’t have the recipe for either, and Mickey gives you little clue on what to do next.

That said, here’s exactly how to make Crudités and Fish Sandwiches for the ‘Missing Minnie’ quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

How do I cook Crudités and Fish Sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

So, while you may not have the recipe for either dish - Crudités or Fish Sandwiches - this isn’t the end of the world. In fact, you can cook a whole bunch of meals without needing to have collected the recipe; guesswork is good!

That said, the recipe for each of these dishes is pretty straight forward. Crudités, being a French starter dish, mainly consist of raw slice or chopped vegetables. So, our Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe is just that: a single vegetable! As shown below, we simply used a carrot for our recipe.

A player cooks Crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Do also note that filling the ingredients bar with five carrots will not cook five Crudités dishes. It’ll still cook just the one, so you’ll need to cook the meal five times in a row.

Next up is the Fish Sandwiches. These, as you might’ve already guessed, are cooked using fish and wheat. You should be able to grow and gather wheat from around the Plaza, and you can catch fish in any of the nearby ponds! Once you’ve two of each, cook away!

A player cooks Fish Sandwiches in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Just in case, here's our Fish Sandwich recipe!

With five Crudités and two fish sandwiches cooked, it’s time to go and see what Mickey thinks.

That's it for preparing Mickey's picnic and completing the 'Missing Minnie' quest. For more on Disney Dreamlight Valley, don't forget to check out how to upgrade your house!

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