Warface Xbox 360: a F2P game that fails basic combat training

This half-arsed first-person shooter is out of place and out of its depth on consoles, says Matt Martin


Fps headlines

  • A standalone Mass Effect FPS almost happened

    The Final Hours of Mass Effect 3 just went live but already there are some very interesting stories coming to light about the development of the series’ third installment.

  • Heroes and Generals announced, persistent WW2 FPS strategy game

    Reto-Moto has announced their new – and very interesting – World War 2 shooter/strategy game. It’s one of the most ambitious games we’ve recently seen and it’s all playable in a web browser.

  • New maps, screenshots for Red Orchestra 2 beta

    While all the focus in the FPS market is squared on Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3, Red Orchestra 2 is shaping up to be a surprise hit.

  • Seven minutes of Hard Reset gameplay video

    Check out a ton of gameplay from the Blade Runner-esque cyberpunk first-person-shooter that’s been gaining a lot of buzz lately. The video was recorded and uploaded by Kotaku and features a curated glimpse at the first seven minutes of the upcoming game from Flying Wild Hog.

  • Battlefield 3 PS3, X360 to support half PC frame rate

    DICE has confirmed both console versions of Battlefield 3 will run at half the frame rate of the PC offering.

  • Riccitiello: EA to announce "very exciting" FPS entry "later in the year"

    EA CEO John Riccitiello has said that it’s to announce a “very exciting” FPS title it has on its books “later” this year.

  • GDC: Wolfenstein has a Veil, upgradable weapons, is completely freakin' awesome

    What’s great? Wolfenstein is. We were shown the Raven shooter at GDC and, without a doubt, it was one of the coolest games we saw during the entire conference. Want to know why? Get full details on weapons, plot, mechanics and dominatrix Nazi women through the link.

  • ArmA II "Freedom" trailer resembles real propaganda footage

    Bohemia Interactive has released a new trailer for upcoming FPS war simulation sequel ArmA II. The title’s expected to be released sometime this year for PC. Trailer can be watched below, after an advert for the Notorious B.I.G. film.

  • Six brand new Punisher: No Mercy screenshots

    There’s still no word on when multiplayer FPS The Punisher: No Mercy will be released, but while you’re waiting for the PSN game take look at some new screens depicting Frank Castle’s idea of revenge. It looks rather painful. Once the game goes live you will also be able to play as Barracuda, Bushwacker, Jigsaw […]

  • John Romero’s Severity canned “a while ago” (update)

    Update: Looks as though Romero wasn’t told the full story: it hasn’t been canned after all. Id Software’s brash co-founder, John Romero, has, surprisingly, flown under the radar for the past couple of years. Sadly, his zipped lips can’t be attributed to his unflinching focus on Severity’s multiplayer FPS madness, because, well, he never worked […]

  • Amazing gamer pill in rubbish shock

    Incredibly, pills marketed at FPS players looking to improve reaction times have been debunked as hokum, according to this. Despite the maker of FPSBrain claiming its products provides a “remarkable increase in perception and reaction capacities”, MTV called in a dietitian who begged to differ: “In addition to caffeine, most…[energy] drinks contain a high sugar […]