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The Fenix rises again? Did a veteran COG actor just spill the beans on Gears of War 6?

Prepare to crouch behind cover again.

Gears of War - JD and Marcus Fenix
Image credit: Microsoft/VG247

If you've been anxiously awaiting news from Xbox Game Studios and The Coalition about Gears of War 6, know that you're not alone. Thankfully, the wait might be coming to an end really soon, as the rumor mill is heating up.

While the timing makes sense (Gears 5 came out in 2019), AAA development is so screwed up nowadays that making these predictions is almost pointless. Recent reports, however, have claimed that a sixth mainline Gears of War is indeed part of Xbox's summer plans to wow the gaming sphere. Now, we may have just received proper confirmation from a major COG actor.

Huge spoilers for Gears of War 5 ahead.

When asked on social media about JD Fenix's fate in Gears 5 and whether the choice of Kate Diaz saving Del Walker over him will stick in the next game (as everyone doubts The Coalition is doing two slightly different campaigns), JD actor Liam McIntyre said once again he's truly got no idea, but that maybe the Gears team will tell us in June. You can check a screencap of the original Twitter post below:

Gears of War 6 actor tease
Image credit: X/VG247

Dexerto recently shared a tidbit of an interview with the actor. According to McIntyre, he genuinely is in the dark and doesn't know what The Coalition is doing. If he's telling the truth and he hasn't been brought into the process this late - if those reports turn out to be accurate- into the development of the game, it's fair to assume JD Fenix is the 'canon death' at the end of Gears 5, which, honestly, opens up more dramatic possibilities for Marcus Fenix and the younger cast of characters.

Regardless, it sure sounds like an official announcement is coming sooner rather than later, and all the signs look to be pointing to Gears of War making a big return in the near future. Current plans for the IP also include a Netflix-backed live-action movie and maybe even a remastered collection, which could bring some console-exclusive entries in the series to PC for the first time ever. Fingers crossed!

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