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Dave Bautista wants us all to know he would really like to be in the Gears of War movie

"I can't make this any easier."

Dave Bautista has put his hat in the ring to be cast in the Gears of War movie by reminding everyone he was literally in one of the games.

It was definitely one of the weirder pieces of promotional material for Gears of War 5, but for a period of time you could get a skin that was quite literally just Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista, nothing fancier than that. Well, just this week Netflix announced a film adaptation and animated series are on the way. And Bautista wants in, as shown by a recent tweet of his.

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"I can't make this any easier," tweeted Bautista alongside a video of him in a Gears costume, a video that was originally used as promotional material for his appearance in Gears 5. He of course tagged the relevant parties, Netflix and the official Gears Twitter, and unsurprisingly the tweet has received quite a lot of support for his sort of audition for Marcus Fenix.

If Bautista is cast, it isn't an unheard of thing for actors to try and garner support from social media to make their case, like with Simu Liu essentially doing the same thing with Shang Chi. The big advantage of Bautista's being that again, he's in one of the games. He also has the support of Cliff Bleszinski, designer of the first three games, which is something I guess!

It does seem to be quite early days for the Gears projects at Netflix, as no names have been attached as of yet. The announcement is mostly just that, so we'll have to wait and see what comes for pretty much every aspect of the production. A Gears of War movie has actually been a long time coming, with one iteration being in development hell over a decade ago.

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