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Zenless Zone Zero teases collaboration with one of the greatest DJs of all-time

No word yet on how exactly this will play out, but it's a cool marketing stunt if nothing else!

Artwork for the mobile game Zenless Zone Zero, showing the game's anime-inspired characters holding a gift box and a red gift envelope.
Image credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero has just teased a collaboration with one of the greatest DJs of all-time, Tiesto, as well as notable duo Lucas & Steve. This came via a short cinematic released on social media, which displayed the artists in-engine. The current scope of this collaboration remains unclear, although it's absolutely music focused (surprise, surprise).

The official press release notes that more information on this collaboration will be released on July 2, ahead of the game's launch on July 4, so for now we'll have to sit and wait to hear more about what's in store for roughly two weeks.

We're inching closer to the much-anticipated release of Zenless Zone Zero, and with the game surpasing 40 million pre-registered players it's safe to say we're due for an explosive launch. If you've not signed up yet, there are some slick rewards up for grabs in case you didn't know, which are well-worth snatching if you're planning on jumping in later this year.

As for Tiesto, it's a name I've not heard in ages! But, if you want a taste of why he's so notable, check out his famous Adagio For Strings live performance to experience one of his greatest hits. It's not bad! You can certainly see a lot of people in the crowd having fun.

Let us know what you think about this collab below, and read what ZZZ's lead recently told us regarding whether he'd like to potentially see Switch and Xbox ports of the game in the future!

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