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How to pre-load Wuthering Waves on PC, iOS and Android

Get ready for Wuthering Waves' launch by pre-loading the game on PC, iOS or Android (or all three)!

Jiyan, an Aero Resonator and limited 5-star hero in Wuthering Waves
Image credit: KURO GAME
Update: Pre-load for Wuthering Waves is now also live on the Epic Games Store on PC. We've updated this page to include instructions for this alternative storefront.

Wuthering Waves is almost upon us, promising hours of anime-styled action, a story-rich open-world to explore and a vast roster of characters to collect.

However, while you can find out the exact Wuthering Waves release time in your region via our dedicated page, if there’s one thing that everyone hates about jumping into a new online game, it’s waiting hours to download the necessary files before they can even play.

When you’ve finally carved out the time to get started on a brand new adventure, there’s nothing worse than waiting around. However, you can actually pre-load Wuthering Waves so that it’s ready to go as soon as the servers are live. You just need to make enough space to accommodate the download size on your platform of choice.

How to pre-load Wuthering Waves

To pre-load Wuthering Waves, you need to find the game on either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on the platform you want to play on.

Remember: when you’ve downloaded the base app of Wuthering Waves, make sure you start it up and download all the necessary extra data. This can be more than the initial download and will be what catches most people out when the game finally drops - no one wants to sit around waiting for GBs of data to drip out of already overloaded servers.

On Android, Kuro Game has advised players that Wuthering Waves will require about 12GB of storage. To preload the game on Android, you need to search for it on the Google Play Store, download the base app from there, then start the app once it’s downloaded to prepare the additional data.

On iOS, Wuthering Waves requires just over 10GB of storage, including 3.12GB for the base app and an additional download of 6.96GB once the base app is downloaded.

To pre-load Wuthering Waves on iOS, go to the App Store and search for the game. Choose “get” and you will be able to download the base app. Next, open the app and the additional download will complete.

On PC, Wuthering Waves will apparently take up about 30GB of storage.

To pre-load Wuthering Waves on PC, you have two options: the standalone client, or the Epic Games Store.

If you want to pre-load from the Epic Games Store, all you need to do is open the Epic Games launcher, search the store for Wuthering Waves, select "get", then boot the game as you would any other to complete the download.

Alternatively, you need to download the standalone client from the Google Play Store (Wuthering Waves is not on Steam). You can access the correct page from this link.

Once you’ve downloaded the client, run the program on your PC to install the game. You should be able to run the file from your downloads folder. This took a couple of tries for me, but eventually worked as it should.

Remember, there’s a lot more data you need to download other than just the installer! Remember to run the file and download the rest of the data or you will be waiting on launch day.

But while you wait for everything to install, why not get to grips with some of Wuthering Waves’ characters, or its exciting combat, or perhaps its unique and interesting Echoes system?

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