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Today’s Wordle Answer (November 1st, 2022): Puzzle 500 Hints, Clues, and Solution

Take a walk in the wilds

A new month brings a big new milestone, as today’s Wordle answer for November 1st, 2022, fortuitously falls on Puzzle 500.

However, whether you’ve played every single game from the very start or you’ve just picked it up recently, the word featured today is a particularly difficult challenge.

While there aren’t any tough letters, repeated consonants or vowels, or irregular combinations, you’re trying to figure out a bit of a strange and uncommon word which many players will have trouble falling on in just six guesses.

In fact, most people would spell the word differently than it appears here, so much so that I didn’t even know how to define it when I first saw it.

But to help you fill in the blanks, we’ve come up with a few Wordle hints to give you some clues. Then, to give you some inspiration if you’re stuck, we’ve also given you a list of recent solutions from over the last month to jog your ideas.

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Clues and hints for Today's Wordle Answer

Sometimes if you’re struggling to put your finger on something, the best thing to do is have a walk in a forest and take in the sights and smells for yourself. But that’s a bit extreme for a game of Wordle, so maybe you can just think about it instead?

Either way, once you’re ready for some real help here are a few Wordle hints.

Your clues for Puzzle 500 are:

  • The answer contains two different vowels in the second and fourth positions
  • The first three letters spell out a word that you can hear dropping if it’s really quiet. Something you would stick paper to a corkboard with
  • The first four letters can either refer to a type of tree or feeling sad about missing someone
  • The last letter sounds like a question

Previous Wordle Answers

In Wordle, it’s really easy to get caught up trying to do too much. Sometimes it’s better to make slow progress than eliminate tons of new letters with every guess, because otherwise you can play yourself into a corner without much idea where to go next. When that happens, it’s a great idea to take a look over previous Wordle solutions. The same letters and combinations of letters come up more than you might think. So it’s a great way to get some fresh ideas.

  • #470 - Twine - October 2
  • #471 - Sting - October 3
  • #472 - Bough - October 4
  • #473 - Marsh - October 5
  • #474 - Sloth - October 6
  • #475 - Dandy - October 7
  • #476 - Vigor - October 8
  • #477 - Howdy - October 9
  • #478 - Enjoy - October 10
  • #479 - Valid - October 11
  • #480 - Ionic - October 12
  • #481 - Equal - October 13
  • #482 - Floor - October 14
  • #483 - Catch - October 15
  • #484 - Spade - October 16
  • #485 - Stein - October 17
  • #486 - Exist - October 18
  • #487 - Quirk - October 19
  • #488 - Denim - October 20
  • #489 - Grove - October 21
  • #490 - Spiel - October 22
  • #491 - Mummy - October 23
  • #492 - Fault - October 24
  • #493 - Foggy - October 25
  • #494 - Flout - October 26
  • #495 - Carry - October 27
  • #496 - Sneak - October 28
  • #497 - Libel - October 29
  • #498 - Waltz - October 30
  • #499 - Aptly - October 31

Today’s Wordle Answer November 1st

The Wordle answer today is piney.

Referring to something that has the characteristics of, be that smell or appearance, of pine wood or pine trees, the word “piney” can also be spelled “piny” without the “-e”, making today a particularly tricky test of your Wordle abilities.

Pine trees are found all over the world, but the English word comes from the Latin word “pinus”. And to this day, “pinus” also serves as the taxonomic genus for separating different species of pine trees.

While it might seem like a way to create new words in modern slang, the practice of adding “-y” to the end of a word as an adjective suffix meaning “full of, or characterised by” was already present in Old English. However, back then it was pronounced more like “-ig”.

For your next challenge, take a look at these seven Wordle alternatives!

Looking for more help? Then it's worth checking out our sister site's Wordle Solver, helping you solve each day's puzzle without cheating, per se.

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