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Warframe Corrupted Holokey: How to farm and what the Corrupted Holokey is for

Warframe Corrupted Holokey is a new item introduced in the Sisters of Parvos update, and you’ll want to get your hands on plenty of them.

Corrupted Holokeys are an easier way to get Tenet Weapons, though you may be farming them for a while depending on your luck.

It’s worth your time if the constant Sister chase is wearing you down, though. Here's everything you need to know about them, including the Corrupted Holokey drop rate.

Warframe Corrupted Holokeys

The main reason you’ll want to spend time in Void Storm missions gathering Corrupted Holokeys is to get Tenet Weapons. Ergo Glast sells a new Tenet Weapon each week, but you won't get every Tenet Weapon here. Instead, you'll get one of four new melee Tenet Weapons:

  • Tenet Agendus
  • Tenet Exec
  • Tenet Livia
  • Tenet Grigori

You can obtain these in any Relay area, regardless of reputation, and the cost is always 40 Corrupted Holokeys. Plan on completing at least a dozen or more Void Storm missions each week if you want to go this route for obtaining Tenet Weapons.

Tenet Weapons purchased with Corrupted Holokeys have a random chance of a boosted stat as well.

How to get Warframe Corrupted Holokey

The only way to get Corrupted Holokeys is completing Void Storm missions. The Sisters of Parvos update added Corrupted Holokeys as a new Void Relic item. As with every other Void Relic reward, these have a random chance of dropping. That means you’ll need to play through several missions before you get what you want.

Fortunately, Corrupted Holokeys come in multiples. They also have a higher drop rate than most other Void Storm relics.

Warframe Corrupted Holokey drop rate

Regardless of which planet you’re completing a mission on, the Corrupted Holokey drop rate is 37.5%. However, the number of Corrupted Holokeys obtained changes with each planet.

  • Earth – 2 Corrupted Holokeys
  • Venus – 2 Corrupted Holokeys
  • Neptune – 3 Corrupted Holokeys
  • Saturn – 4 Corrupted Holokeys
  • Pluto – 5 Corrupted Holokeys
  • Veil – 6 Corrupted Holokeys

Tenet Weapons aren't the only new toys in the update. The Ambassador Rifle is also worth your time, though it takes a bit of grinding as well.

If you’re looking for a set of low-key challenges after all that repetition, check out our Waverider quest guide for how to get Yareli.

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